Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tilam King's Current Promotion

We give what you wish to have, not what you need ;)

Silk Fibre Pillows (as seen in 5 star hotels)
Memory Foam Pillows (our pillows will let u notice the difference by holding)
Natural Latex (our heavy weight pillow, feel the difference!!!)

Fitted mattress protectors
(only big brands like the 3 Ss are willing to give ONLY IF YOU purchase their 2,000 above mattresses)

Come experience us, we strive to be the most Genuine & Generous! The advertisement will be on Saturday 21th July 2012.

Do come down to experience it for yourself!

Challenge accepted!
If you are not satisfied, name us your reason, and still walk away with a gift. No purchase required.

- Tilam King

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