Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Real Concept behind TK.

The Real Concept of TK Series of mattresses.

Many people asked, "hey tony what is the difference between a regular mattress and a luxury mattress?"

My reply was, "Well a regular mattress is a need, a Luxury mattress is a want. So typically Luxury mattresses is not needed."

But why do Tilam King built such good mattresses for what?


People know the difference between what's good and what's not, people can feel the difference, even if it is not required, but the option to take the better makes more sense.

There are ahem* brands out there making use of this "feeling" to make crazy prices.

SGD$10,000 ~ to SGD$100,000


Got some joker really does this kind of nonsense.

I am not saying that it is not good, the fact is all Luxury mattresses are just wants.

So typically, it is not required to spend TONS of hard earn money on it.

Do you need $100,000 worth of mattress?

People have come to visit Tilam King, our mission is to let people understand more about mattress construction before letting you decide on which mattress is good for you.

We find it crucial because like all human beings, we are innocent.

I am innocent too, I do not wish to be slaughtered alive just because I do not know about a certain product. I share the same thoughts and value with everyone that breathes.

Is there people whom feels for a brand so solid that actually feels that customers need first ?

Doing what we do requires lots of support.

We feel that we put our customers in a right position.

You get educated from a REAL mattress manufacturer,

remember mattress is very important, everyone needs it.

We try to do our best to give you the best.

My manufacturing philosophy is what I believe in:

1. To make a good mattress that can sells for $100,000 to me is a no brainer, I simply put all the best together. I probably can fly around the world to get the best materials of each country.

2. To make a mattress that sells for $10,000 also is a no brainer to me, I also put good things together. I still can fly around, but not as extravagant.

3. To make a mattress that is good yet of a reasonable value, yet is comparative to something that worth much more, I find this challenging and exciting.

My spending philosophy as a consumer:

1. If I spend $100,000 for a mattress, I expect to fly  when I sleep. (just kidding, you can't fly when you sleep)

2. If I spend $10,000 for a mattress, I expect to have 10000000000000000000000000000000000% good sleep, which is actually not possible. Because good sleep is the well being of your mental state, not because of the mattress. 

3. If I pay less for something and get more for something, my heart feels good, JUST BECAUSE.
You will share with the world about your adventure.

To me, Tilam King is an adventure. 
Doing it the way which put smiles on people faces, make others feel real and genuine about what they own.

That is why I choose not to advertise anymore, I feel that my clients should be well informed about what is in the advertisements before coming to look for us. 

I believe that socially we are truly bringing the best to people.

The best advertising, is in our product, you get to feel the difference the moment you try it. 

Being genuine, requires great support!

Please do not get offended by any of the above comments, I'm just being real.

TK Luxury Series

TK Premiere Series
Coming soon in September ;)

TK *yet to be revealed*

Tilam King is probably the most knowledgeable and practical in terms of Mattress.

Try us, we let you decide...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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