Tuesday, 9 June 2015

the IMPORTANCE of a flat base. Which is the support of your mattress.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow supporters and fellow Singaporeans...

There are many questions asking about mattresses and honestly, the base is as important too.

Tilam King uses Individual Pocketed Springs, therefore the springs doesn't rely on one another, preventing motion to be transferred to your partner.

The flat base is very crucial and very important.

Most bases nowadays are made into slates, PLEASE avoid them. Slates were invented because to save logistics cost on shipping. It is bent,  have gaps in-between them, occasionally causing the springs to be slanted while applying pressure on them. 

Also for those bases that are installed together by putting part by part through assembly, make sure that the base is fixed properly. Check to see if there are any weird sounds or loose joints.


There is also an honest reason why I blog about this topic.

Some of our clients complaint to us about our mattress sinking in the middle, 
or sagging in the middle.

We were shocked and 
we reacted by firstly going to their place to check it out.
Secondly, we place the mattress on the floor, which is flat, to test the mattress out.

This will be the most honest solution for us to identify whether our mattresses are at fault or not.

We then lay down on the area that is claimed to be the faulty area to check.

Then, nothing is wrong... -.-"

Realize that the base had cracks and indent, the indent led the mattress to feel that it had sagged in that particular area.


Hopefully after understanding this blog post, we start questioning more of the bases that we select for our mattress. All we need is to have a solid base that is flat, this assures that the mattress is well supported and hence giving you the best support you ever need from the mattress.

These solid bases are not expensive

for simple designs Queen size for example starts from $350 with 1 year warranty.

The more complex the design of the frames are the more the cost of the frames is.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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