Friday, 10 July 2015

Looking abroad, at new mattress start up companies. PRODUCT = ADVERTISEMENT.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

The mattress industry is traditional and in statues-quo, nothing has changed for almost 30 years, I only can say this because of the life experiences I have...

Finally, there are great and awesome companies speaking the same language as us, and they are gaining a lot of traction.

The mattress industry overseas, is moving towards compressed packaging. For simple logistics.

How ever, due to the more traditional mindset of ASEAN people, compressed packed mattress is deemed as low value, and may compromise the structure of the mattresses.

Google these names,

Casper mattress

and Turf&needle.

The concept of theirs is basically "you cannot choose the hotel mattress firmness", you either like it or you don't.

They are a 1 mattress product company.

They have 30days up to 100days trial before you can think of choosing to sleep on it or return it for a refund.

These only solve the problem for people whom are ok with that firmness.

1. Bigger sized people need firmer mattress due to their body mass.
2. ASEAN typically prefer firm supportive mattress.
3. New Gen adults prefers softer mattresses.
4. Children require softer mattresses then regular adult mattress due to their light body mass.



We are just amused by how far these guys can go because of the sheer amount of spirits they have...

BTW these new kids on the block are all over FORBES, Business Times, News, Entrepreneur Mags, and in almost all PR media platforms available. Getting in all these forms of media requires an average of USD$10,000 upwards per publication. Not yet include PR company's fees.

The idea is there, but it doesn't solve the problem, the real problem that people need, what the  consumers desire.

Tilam King, being a REAL mattress manufacturer, knows the perfect solution.

Here is our magic.

Springs have different thickness, they affect the firmness of the springs, if you have been following us, you know that for every spring mattress, the SPRINGS are the core of the mattress.

There are SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD settings.

This way, we could cater to the less then 40kg, 41kg up to 90kg, and 91kg upwards, based on science , measuring body mass.

With this 5 models:




With 3 settings of springs:

1. Soft - > 40kg
2. Medium - 40 kg - 90kg
3. Hard - < 90kg

Tilam King can cater to ALL of Human kind, be it religion, culture, race, preference, height, weight...


Deep down inside us, we know it works. Because that's how mattress works, scientifically.


We are avoiding mainstream media due to the fact that, we believe in keeping our cost low, and we are a 100% ownership company.

We own the entire supply-chain of :
1. Factory / Production
2. Warehousing / Logistics
3. Lorries / Logistics
4. Retail Outlets / Point of sales

We are backed up by awesome suppliers, which takes care of the R&D for us.

We only assemble what is right to bring the best to our consumers.

Our goal is consumer first, second is company sustainability.

We are not companies which are from alternate sources of investments which end of the day, are very profit driven, and even if they fail, it is only a start up.

Being product centric, allows us to pay the most attention on our quality that our consumers receive.

These to us, are the main form of advertisement.


The Perfection of Passionate Manfuacturing
- Tilam King

*disclaimer, I do not own rights to Casper nor Turf&Needle, these 2 are great companies trying to be transparent with the industry. I love what they had done and even appreciate the simplistic approach of simplifying mattresses. If they ever wish to have a rep to manufacture their mattresses for ASEAN region, I probably would love to do it for them.

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