Monday 22 February 2016

Why are we not at Expo nor in any "exhibition".

Hi everyone, friends and fellow supporters,

There was a lady once called us on our line, "hi, are you in Expo? Can I see your mattresses over there?"

Unfortunately, I replied, "No, we are not there."

Sad, but true...

You see, TilamKing's philosophy is to think about the majority.

If we reduce expenses and maintain our high standards of quality of the product,
it brings better value to the end consumer.

Yes, we could do the same like what brands are doing, which is to increase spending on advertising and taking up exhibition space.

Just for your general knowledge, Expo space rents for approximately SGD$9,000 for 11days, which will give the tenant 2 full weekends(Saturday and Sunday). $9k is some lousy facing, prime front go upwards $30k.

These are without the cost of setting up and tearing down, which approximately cost up to $10,000 more including staffs and extra.

Imagine $20,000 for 11days burned, just hoping that people will come and buy?

How much sales would be required for it to break even? You can imagine.

So it is not free ladies and gentlemen...

Mark ups have to be high in order to cover this gap. Imagine how HUNGRY they are. LOL

There is also another problem, when you go there you will realize, they do not have good and great crowds. The typical discount shoppers will head there and in order to clinch their deal, their sales person will have to over promise(not be honest) just to seal the deal.


TilamKing wishes to strive on one fundamental, which is PRODUCT centric.

If we focus too much on sales, the pitch becomes boring.

If we focus more on product, you will become educated in return.

Lastly I wish to add this, go Google furniture scams in Singapore, LOL I do not wish to say anything but ... yea... 

U know what I mean...

We never wish to be associated with people with unfair practices.


The Perfection Of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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