Sunday, 26 August 2012

We got happy customers that brought home the $399 Pocketed Spring Mattresses ;)

So ladies and gentlemen...

If you are still not convinced...

Its true...

Come lets recap on some of the funny quotes I remembered on first impression...

"Hello, the $399 pocketed spring mattress got stock or not?", customer

"Hi sir, yes of cause we have stock, we are having a genuine promotion, please do come down to see and enjoy it." , Tony.

"eh, you sure ar, dont later I come down dont have ok, dont waste my time, if dont have just tell me eariler!", customer.

"dont worry sir, we are probably different from other people, when we say we have promotion, you know it is for real! Come down to see for yourself and know for yourself.",  Tony

"ok la, if dont have I sure walk out.", customer.

"thanks for intending to come down, will look forward to see you", Tony.

<Customer came>

"tony?, hi, where is the $399 mattress?", customer

*points*, Tony.

"woa, seriously ar... not bad man...", "like that how you earn money?", customer.

"hehe sir, we are manufacturer and furthermore we are new in the market. but mattress is not new to us, we use to do OEM for big companies. Hence low retail exposure. We are trying to let Singapore know that TILAM KING exist and we will be the most genuine mattress shop in Singapore.", Tony.

"good, I will surely recommend friends and colleagues to come and support.", customer.

"Thanks sir, thats exactly what we need, and this is what the promotion is about. Introducing to your friends about our crazy promotion.", Tony

"ok no problem, then I take one, do you charge for delivery? and when you can deliver?", customer

"Price is nett. We provide free delivery part of our service, we are a stockist, so we can deliver anytime.", Tony

"woa, thanks so much! will surely spread the word." customer


Well I dont blame Singaporeans for being skeptical about promotions.


Also for the sales people, they are working on their "incentive" and "commission". For them it would only be wise that they say which ever mattress is good that gives the most commission.

Yes I am sick of whats happening around, and I strive to be the most GENUINE in SINGAPORE.
YES I know it will be tough, but with all the encouragement I am getting from all my peers, customers, I know they will be supporting me.

So, SINGAPORE, great promotions or genuine promotions do need great encouragements.

Please come support!!!

Thanks, love and peace.

- Tilam King

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