Saturday 30 June 2012

Sunday 24 June 2012

We are just a week old and we have referrals already!

I am super touched today!
Thank you Mr Tan for the nice words you helped us spread to your family!
Today we actually meet up with your relative today ;) I am very happy to serve him and just very happy to know that you did tell him about TILAM KING :)

I sincerely appreciate that!

I hope your children love the mattresses that you chose for them :D

Once again! Thanks Mr Tan!  You ROCK! ;)

Saturday 23 June 2012

TILAM KING's Reason of existence

We are an advocate hoping to spread Singapore Brand Mattresses. Our focus is COMPONENT based, not brand equity.
If you pay money for a mattress, you should know what are the component used rather then knowing the history of the brand.

We believe that consumers have become more aware as information is just one mouse click away. People are more informed and products need to be realistic in order for someone to accept.

I strongly urge people whom believes in COMPONENT study rather then brand study to pay us a visit. Hopefully one fine day, you will really get to enjoy the REAL product you purchasing for your money.

We carry 3 brands, TILAM KING, DSD by Friven&Co. , LADY AMERICANA.

Friday 22 June 2012

So happy that the first Mattress is delivered! ;)

hohoho, thanks Mr & Mrs Chua for the support! hopefully you get to sleep better then before and love your new mattress ;)


for all of you that want to know what kind of mattress was it? check it out below ;)

Thursday 21 June 2012

We will be on BERITA HARIAN on Friday! Happy prayers to all my Muslim friends ;)

hohoho, Tilam King hopes to reach out further! Please show us support either by LIKEing our page at or visit our blog at ;)


Monday 18 June 2012

Thank you Juzila Wong and family!

Just want to show my appreciation to Juzila and family. I enjoyed very much serving you bunch, very happy go lucky and a friendly family. I hope you all enjoy the mattresses and pillows as much as I enjoyed serving you all!

You guys are so cute, you all even noticed me posting the first invoice, hahaha!

So this is for you and your family! ;)

Thanks and many blessings to you and your family!


We will be on WAN BAO wednesday ;) can see 4D and can see TILAM KING ad ;)

Hopefully our Chinese friends can come support us ;) 
We promise to give good discounts and the best Quality products to you and your family!

Come down to support us! :)


Saturday 16 June 2012

Great start! Great response from Advertisement.

I want to thank everyone for your precious time , and your trust in us for making us your selected Mattress Retail outlet. Some traveled so far just to visit us, some went back to fix their bed so they can fit the mattress they wish to own, and some came to learn and understand more about mattress, nonetheless We APPRECIATE it deeply and sincerely!

We hope you really enjoy our promotion and also hope that it brings sheer joy shopping with us.

With our genuine deals and fantastic offers, we hope you can spread on the word of TILAM KING!

We will always strive to give our very best in terms of service, value, and product!

Thanks and god bless!

Our first Advertisement On THE STRAITS TIMES

Big it up to Lin's advertisment & marketing

 we have a great positioning! right beside 2 big ads makes our small ads even more visible!

We are on page HOME B17

Right beside standard charted ;) so amazing, our sole company account is with them, hahaa must be fated.

We did a covert ops, putting up this banner ;)

hohoho late at night, when no one is around...

hopefully this banner is useful and insightful enough to tell our neighbors that TILAM KING is in town!

I wish everyone in New Industrial Road a great night~ :)


Something new but very Singaporean.

 A section of Friven
DSD by Friven&Co.

Friven&Co. as we know is a SGX listed co, and best of all, it's SINGAPOREAN.

So with great brands like this, who needs a foreign brand you can get one good one locally OF THIS STANDARD ;)


big it up to lionel! for bringing down his daughter.

Thank you to Laverne Lye! You are TILAM KING's FIRST customer ;) - this is a good picture to remember for decades! :)

INVOICE Number 80001 :P

I wish you couple zao sheng gui zi and happiness for the longest time!

many blessings from,


Monday 11 June 2012

We will be live in THE STRAITS TIMES this saturday 16 june!

Cut this out and pay us a visit on 16th June to collect a Mystery FREEBIE!
*only applicable to people whom viewed from this blog.

Friday 8 June 2012