Saturday 19 September 2015

Problems we had, and Accomplishments we achieved. Closing our FY end SEPT15.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and supporters,

We are very proud of what we had become. We started out as a company that would want to built on the right fundamentals of business, not being too sales driven, but the story to tell about how economics work and how marketing actually manipulates most of our perceived values.

These hard truths had created us a great and strong following on how we actually capture our niche, we also influence a great mindset alike and fundamentally encourage a "healthier" and "better" mindset towards consumerism.

In today's world, most consumers are just so blind folded by mainstream media and what nots, too the extend, ending up buying a lot of junk or buying something they want and not need.

We bring the word NEED back to society. Cover your needs without compromising quality.

At TILAM KING, we work hard, to make sure our products work, our products be simple to understand, probably too simple until people find it crazy, but we love making our clients understanding what they buy.

This is a revolutionary achievement if you ask me.

With only the use of social media, and god, it is powerful.

TILAM KING has come to the point we need not lie to our consumers about what is and what is not.

It is what it is, and it is shown in a simplified manner that if you do not understand, it is our duty to elaborate.

We had 100% converted all the "sales pitches" into reality speeches. Some may find it offensive, or difficult to absorb because we often debunk marketing jargon and substantiate it with LOGIC, with the occasional science element, mostly physics.

We hope you can appreciate our heartfelt effort in making all these possible.

It was never easy being the company whom digs out all the truths and lay it on the table and being professional enough to explain certain facts.
Often we get challenged, because as the average consumer questions about why are we doing these and what do we stand to gain and yadah yadah, self accomplishment is the answer, at the same time earning healthy money to serve the masses.

Some love and respect to be given to our sales team and TILAM KING applaud them for their bravery, and their choice in joining the team. We maybe small, but we are beautiful.



Problems that had been consistently bugging us, that to the point we have no solution to help or change or improve the matter.

1. Logistics (Supplier side/Bed-frame)

This is TILAM KING's Achilles heel, as you all know that TILAM KING only does mattresses. We also work with several companies to provide affordable bed-frames that makes sense. It serve as an important role as most consumers would prefer to buy the mattress and bed-frame together.
Nowadays with houses getting smaller and smaller, storage bed-frames are getting more and more accepted in our daily lives. Bed frames that have storages makes good compromised space into usable space. However all these will have to be designed like a box, with a lid, supporting the lid are hydraulics to hold for the ease of opening and closing.
These would require a experienced installer to install, if not the structure will be compromised.
Normally we leave the installation to our suppliers.
Our suppliers are very tight on labour, as in Singapore now, we face a big problem with hard labour, ie: manual labour and carpentry works.
They often can't cope with the delivery load of the entire Singapore. The supplier we use are supplying to most of the names you see hear and touch before.

So, always delaying the delivery timings till very late.

For example, 4-6pm was promised by the supplier, but often only reaching at 8pm or even 9pm for their goods.

Some of our clients could not accept this and had built grudges against TILAM KING as a irresponsible company towards delivery timings.

However, for things that could be handled by TILAM KING ie: mattress, simple bedframes, pillows. Things that we can control, we will never be late unless something big arises(accident, flood, etc).

We seek everyone's understanding that we suggested, shouted, scolded, negotiated, with our suppliers and still no result. *I know right... but they are the same guys that also represent all the big names you see before.


2. Problem handling (Client)

These is a problem whereby we do not know how to handle, because honestly most clients nowadays do not remember the Invoice number of their purchases. There is an expectation of us tracing their invoices for them on a adhoc basis, to make changes and amendments. We normally give them the benefit of the doubt and try our best to accommodate if we could.

Here is a real situation to think about in this situation, the client buys a product from a big company, and do not produce an invoice, the company being very big, may not have the same person attending to the client, invoice numbers act as a tracing number to retrieve clients details and particulars and also acts as a legal document to proof that the client is a valid client. It allows the company to verify the client instantly, and move on to solving what the client's problems or queries.

If the initial step is not verified, it is totally impossible to move on to the problem.

We hope to get the understanding that we as a company will always help our clients, if the bed-frames are faulty or the installation was done not in the correct manner, we need to draft out a <<FAULT REPORT>> to our suppliers to acknowledge their mistake and get them to service our clients.

We just hope there is an understanding of the importance of the invoice number.


3. Price increase (Products)

With the forex market being very very crazy plus the surge of the US dollar, we have no choice but to increase the prices of all our products reasonably by 2016. We have been holding back the increase because we wish to challenge our limits to stretch ourselves to the max. We have to register for GST soon and there are many consequences as well such as rise in material cost and labour cost to upkeep our company from operating.

Do expect a $50-$100 increase on all models and ranges plus the GST of 7% soon.

Do note that this implementation will be really soon.

TILAM KING will embrace these problems and will work hard to cope and overcome this. We beg for understanding and forgiveness if our clients 


There was a time when people said TILAM KING won't make it, but we awesomely did!

Not everyone in Singapore is pro business, but basic thing is, most brands adopt this concept, whereby it is written all over the text books since 20-30 years ago.

1. Manufacturer produce products
2. Distributors distribute products
3. Marketers market products
4. Retailers sell products to end users

We all CANNOT disagree with this.

TILAM KING role is,

1. We are a Mattress Manufacturer, we produce our own products
2. We market our own concepts and products
3. We own our own retail outlet and sell it to our end users
4. We have our own logistics team to deliver the products to your home

We, with the help of social media, with the help with great supporters,  made it all happen.

We are going to acquire the property we currently sitting on, 8 New Industrial Road #01-01 S536200.

We have also hit the million dollar mark, so we have to register for GST.

We have now an awesome company built on purely dreams and integrity.

We wanted to educate clients to know more about mattress. DONE.
We wanted to debunk most of the marketing jargon that don't make sense. DONE.
We wish to let clients have access to affordable luxurious mattress. DONE.

Our goal moving forward,

is to keep the company as flexible as possible

be the most PRO-Customer retail experience ever possible

be the most Product-Centric company ever possible

be the most Karma orientated company ever

continue in growing TILAM KING as a business organically.

We shall never over expand, never over spend on marketing, and never sell anything unnecessary.

We are looking forward to a better and spectacular 2016. There will be so many more stuff to come.

A keynote will be written soon and be posted on our Facebook and Blogspot page.

Thanks for supporting us, thanks for encouraging us, thanks for sharing our crazy ideas, thanks for embracing our efforts!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King