Wednesday 26 February 2014

*Update 5/4/14 - Another Hallmark had passed! Over 5,000 FB likes, Over 150,000 views on blog

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Really thanks for the continuous support, we believe that we are honest in what we do and really came across some really nice clients then turned into friends.

We are humbled by the overwhelming support that existing clients give us. Bring their entire family to buy, or got mattresses from us for the entire house.

We didn't expect that to happen all so soon.

We had this simple approach, to truly let people understand how a responsible manufacturer can do wonders.

I am young and energetic, the internet has helped me break barriers that I never knew I could reach.

We strongly believe that we have the upper hand if you believe in the Direct Manufacturer to Retail Concept. 

If AMAZON can make you impressed? Why can't we?

We believe we are basically eliminating the middle man so we can bring you the best possible prices with un-compromised quality.

So the YEAR 2014 means a lot for us.

We will have status-quo for our prices and range.

More emphasis will be on our image and feel.

We really wish to work with fellow Singaporean companies, like for example, Air Cleaner, Aroma therapy segment. *please recommend if you know anyone.

Imagine after our renovation, with nice and comfortable air to breathe, isn't it the best place to test your potential mattress?

We are fully committed to improve our service standards.

I used to be able to text each and every customer, to wish them well and ask how are their mattresses?

Unfortunately, we have came to the point where our daily admin work is overloaded, and I wish to still stay connected to our clients. We are still figuring out a way.

Also, good news!

We are using our manufacturing advantage to push the limits for our clients.


Yes, what does it means?

So now you know that we have several models:

1. TK Luxury Series - Our latex mattress.

2. TK Premiere Series - Our memory foam mattress.

3. TK Deluxe Series - Our foam mattress.

4. Ergonomic Series(KingZone) - Our back friendly mattress
I know right... So sexy=]

5. Hotel Comfort - Our proud hotel quality mattress

So we only have 5 models, how boring...




The variants will be just a change of the spring firmness, everything else will be the same.

But these creates flexibility for our clients to enjoy ALMOST tailor made mattress AT NO EXTRA COST!!! WHAT?!?!?! 



We will further raise the bar of manufacturing standards.

BECAUSE, NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, yes, NO ONE, has the guts to do it.

Tilam King will do it.

No extra cost. Period.

There you go, from 5 successful models, we have expended our range to 15 different feels...

So next time when you come to us, we will not be telling you which is the best...

You tell us, which is suitable for you. ;)

We only believe that customers are always right.

We are manufacturers, our job is to make the mattress right!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

*Brands will be so pissed with me. hahaha.
Think of it this way, if we all improve, consumer benefits ;)

If any of you start seeing brands do the same, give me credit please :P

Our super cool Leg Rest will be implementing soon ;)

Sunday 9 February 2014

We are open! and we have great plans ahead for 2014!

Dear fellow Singaporean supporters and friends!

We are opened after a well deserved long break for the CNY.

We will resume duties to bring great value mattresses to every Singaporean without breaking your wallet.

We have some new interesting ideas that will be implemented and some interesting products as well , to come... ;)

Since many people have understood have been a witness of what we are capable of which is to bring great value to people.

We are also looking deeply into ergonomics design.

Trying to bring the right formula into our other mattresses.

We will improve our following mattresses : KingZone in 2014

Rethink about the budget friendly yet care for the back mattress.

We also will hope to redesign our showroom.

We have had enough of our simple outlook and hope to present our products better and in a more comfortable and conducive environment. 

We will also start another Label, the TK Signature Series.

This means built to order mattresses, made for the individual.

This is not going to be easy as a lot of trust is required to kick start this program.

We also hope to work with companies of different fields to further do cross-branding.

Our main objective is being the best alternative choice for consumers, we will avoid mainstream.

Not forgetting also to do up our website proper.

Our blog have been getting too lengthy now and we need to tidy up our data bases and fine tune our information to be placed on our website.

Oh man... seems like 2014 there are so many things happening on.

We hope to upgrade to better let you guys understand us easier and better, still nonetheless what ever we do is just secondary...

The ultimate reason of why we exist and why people support us is because of our product.

Our products need no explanation, our price point to quality ratio is the best.

Let yourself be the judge.

We pride ourselves in this proud fact.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King