Monday 23 June 2014

MYTH BUSTERS - 5 Star HOTEL mattresses.

Dear fellow Supporters and fellow Singaporean,

8 out of 10 peeps love to ask me this question.

"tony, i was at so and so hotel in so and so, the feel very shiok ar... is it true that S is supplying them? and if so, how come cannot buy? and how come they only say they supply, and those that they display are all above $6,000 just because it is in that particular hotel"

These my friends, are a total bunch of 10000% BS crap.

Hear me out, put yourself in the shoes of a 1000 room Hotel tycoon. ( I know it is hard to understand )

Trust me, the richer the owner, the more anal when it comes to discussion with collaborating with them. ( this sounds very easy and simple to understand, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I TALKING ABOUT. :P )

So do you think the Hotel will even spend $6,000/mattress/room?

Touch your heart and ask yourself. A lot of people actually knows the answer for this and often forget.

Good, after you understand this simple analogy, lets go on to the package.

What actually comes in contact with the clients are really the linens.

Most consumers do not spend above $400 dollars for their linens. Therefore cannot achieve the feel of the total package.

If you google W Hotel shop, Westin shop, and all the nice names...

*abstracted from W hotel site

*abstracted from Westin hotel site.

You will realize that in America, they are more open minded and willing to share different ideas and such.

Same like what we believe, we also hope to...


For TILAM KING, we have realized that Linen industry is so simple. The only complication is that fabric need to bought in 3,000m MOQ, other then that it is so easy to make them.

So this is my take on Linens

read this,

Cotton count
  • Cotton count is another measure of linear density. It is the number of hanks (840 yd or 770 m) of skein material that weigh 1 pound (0.45 kg). Under this system, the higher the number, the finer the yarn. In the United States cotton counts between 1 and 20 are referred to as coarse counts. A regular single-knit T-shirt can be between 20 and 40 count; fine bed sheets are usually in the range of 40 to 80 count. The number is now widely used in the staple fiber industry.
  • Hank: a length of 7 leas or 840 yards (770 m)

My linen range is 80/80 count.
Most 5 star hotels are only at the 60/40 count, 80/80 are normally for suites and all the way up to presidential suites.

And yes so the price...

Due to the fact that I cannot be flexible with the 3,000m yet, I can only sell as a whole package.

2 x Down Alternative Pillows
2 x 80/80 Pillow cases
1 x 80/80 Fitted sheet
1 x Mattress Protector
1 x Down Alternative Featherbed
1 x Quilt blanket
1 x 80/80 Quilt cover

All these for : Queen - $899
                      King -   $999

You got to enjoy the good Linen then you know why is it priced this way.

No, you do not get good packaging.

No, you do not get a prestigious brand, other then the 

No, you probably cannot find such fine linen in Singapore departmental stores.

But you get the best possible fabric in the industry.

You got to feel it to understand it.

If you touch these and still have better stuff then these, PLEASE let me know.

In my experience, these are one of the best Cotton Sateen I have ever touched and worked with.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King