Wednesday 4 May 2016

5 TIPS to take when selecting a mattress.

1: Research, and plenty of research.
Most of the consumers today are very uninformed. Mattress have been a complicating product for many ages, but what was keeping it simple was brands and sales people trying their best to sell the consumers the highest priced products. In doubt ask Google!
The formula to a good mattress should be :
Components from a reputable source + Workmanship = Product
If you factor in all the magic, then really what you are paying is marketing.
So long as the company will be willing to standby their clients and be a solutions provider to the clients problems, no problem is a big problem.

TILAM KING's formula states that - 
BMI which is your body mass, deter the idea of softness which is different from another person with a different body mass.
Personal Preference - everyone's ideal softness or firmness is different.
Affordability - it is something that has to be overcome in-order to look at a product for a product.
Fluffy Illusion - marketing materials + jargons that you will never know in your entire lifetime.
Your Perfect Mattress means that you see through all the logic and understand that mattress is ultimately a product to add comfort during your sleep.

2: Determine how do you sleep?
If you are a side sleeper, do note that you are shifting all your body weight to your arms and your hip bone. You probably need a thicker pillow top mattress to ease off pressure built up around your shoulders and arms. Also because of your shoulder width, your neck requires a taller pillow as well for filling up the empty gap in your neck.
If you are a back sleeper, congrats! You have officially the simplest and healthiest sleeping position! Our back have the least number of arches and curves, and the pressure points are spread across your whole upper shoulder blades and your lower back. Typically back sleepers prefer firmer mattresses. For back sleeper's pillow choice, normally contour or low pillows. If using a tall pillow, the person's head will be in a unnatural position.

If you are a Front sleeper, you actually have the worst sleeping position, but if you're most comfortable with it, we'll still guide you on what to look out for.
Front sleepers requires a soft surface with thick pillow top, to ease off all the huge pressure built up around the chest and belly area. A low pillow will further aid in relieving more pressure as low pillows are relatively softer then the sleeping surface.

3: Spent time understanding answers from the questions you ask.
If most of the time, the sales person do not understand what you are asking? How can he be the person to go to when it comes to purchasing something that you sleep on EVERY SINGLE DAY?
Visit a professional or at least someone that takes their client's sleep very seriously, ask them questions, clear your thoughts, and make sure you listen to what they say to you, they will help you make a sound decision in making a wise choice for your ultimate sleep. Professionals will never recommend a mattress to the consumer even before understanding what the clients need, remember that.
Only GOD can know what you need even before trying out, that's why we are kinda half hearted in trying to go sell our products on-line. The truth is, you're just lying to yourself thinking that our brand works for most and will work for you. 

4: Try them out, take your time!
Most of the mattress companies now have showrooms, go test them out, tell the sales person to shut-up for at least 30 mins, lay down yourself and ask yourself whether the mattress feels good or not? Price doesn't justify the products, you laying down on the product, feeling good about it is far more important then the price tag. You got to lay down on each mattress for at least 10-15 mins and you may roll around to see how the mattress can absorb your body weight, to see the kind of comfort you get from the mattress. This trial and error is crucial, because majority of the people out there do not test enough. End up buying something they do not know.

5: Reasonable Value approach
Good mattresses nowadays are very expensive, when we used the term good, we meant those companies that bother to use good components in their mattresses. A reasonably safe bet for a mattress price point should be in the region of $3500 - $5000 retail price after discount. 
When you minus off the Artas shopping mall rent mark-up of $1000, 
and you minus off the big A&P effort of another $1000, 
probably minus off another $500 for commissions of sales staff.
Also do not believe that the mattress used to be 100,000 suddenly today you chance upon it, and it becomes 2,500. LOL PLEASE!

*My cousin is a qualified Chiropractor, if you have any back issues, he is the man to look for. If any joker claims that their particular mattress can heal your back, please just smile and move away. LOL

Be wise about the concept of what online media can do, and how it could bring genuine businesses to reach out to people whom understand the concept of product as a product.

If again you still have doubts, ask Google for the millionth time! :D

Happy searching people!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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