Wednesday 24 December 2014

2014 year end keynote.

3 years ago, and the changes along the way.

 The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Saturday 20 December 2014

Some ideas and ways to save money on RENOvation! *Renotalk feature.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going off topic a bit and talk a bit about Renovations.

This is a scary term, especially to those not design incline...

Also it may cost an arm and a leg, to some people both legs or both arms :X

An average HDB 5 room reno which is decent will only be at around $100k SGD.

So how to counter this?

It can be enjoyable to some, and tragic to some.


Well I am a person whom enjoys visiting factories, mainly because I own one.

I love to see and understand how people run businesses from other sector.

I love to keep my options open when it comes to choices.

I am also a business owner so I understand sometimes how logistically expensive it can be when it comes to bringing it to your doorstep. (Convenience is expensive!)

What if I am not afraid of trouble and am able to handle difficult logistics?

How much can I save?

Lets see....

Remember my tiles ? :P 

I saved a huge load on these... Average $10/sqft. I saved imagine, I have 3,600sqft of space that I catered for.

$36,000 SAVED :)

This involved a lot of labor to move the tiles. But it was all well worth it.

Now.. The Lights...

The story of my lights was quite interesting. I wanted to source the kind where people can screw in the bulbs, thinking that it saves me money.

The average cost for the adapter is around $15 SGD, which is not expensive la honestly.

But thinking that I need 100pc of down lights I told myself why not go try source it in GZ.

So I did.

Day 1 - went to run round checking prices, get leads and get price point.

Day 2 - did all my comparison and couldn't find the adaptor for the bulbs... All I saw was LED lights everywhere every corner. So I fed up and just asked how much like a typical Singaporean and understanding that it was expensive. The average price of LED lights in SG is $18-20/ downlight.

I asked, "bro, how much is the LED that you guys sell?"

they replied, " how much V do you need for the downlight?"

I said, "small one is fine, maybe 6V good enough for me."

they replied, "oh this one having promotion, $X dollars."

I smiling inside secretly and trying to make a unimpressed face stating that it was still too expensive.

They went lower again :P

I said, "ON!"

hahaha, so that is how my lights story is. 

Moral of the story is, the adapter + bulb is more expensive then the LED downlights I intended to buy. Hence I gave up the idea of buying the adapter and just went with the LED instead.

Now my showroom is fully fitted with LED down lights + LED spotlights.


These are some of the experiences I got through travelling and they are time consuming.

But importantly I enjoyed it.

These are legit ways of really saving substantially and can end up making you interested in the business :X haha.

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The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King