Sunday 4 December 2016


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

Finally, we are going to share something that will let you rethink about pillows.
Believe: A highly complex product due to huge range of price point, and have different variants, hence the unlimited number of choices that complicates even the smartest person in the world.

Truth: A simple product that only have 2 parts of the construction. 
PART I: the proportion of soft and firm polyester fibers
PART II: the external fabric choice
These 2 factors will change how the pillows feel, whether is it the ultimate luxury feel, or the most basic but supportive pillow.

Consumers often do not know how manufactures make them, and think that they are very complex to make.

think of it this way, you just got to put stuffing's into the fabric and sew it together.

So simple!

No matter how expensive, or how cheap the pillow is, it will become worn out with use overtime.

Important point for the consumers is to remember how simple is it to make fluffy pillows! Anything above $60 is way too much for pillows. We can't see a point buying anything above $60 for a pillow other then bragging rights. 


We often tell our customers to buy a sewing machine, reason was, if they feel that the pillow is too flat, buy more pillows to transfer the fillings to the pillow that you wish to use. If it is too tall, remove some, this way you can get the ULTIMATE pillow!

Cost = Sewing machine + $50 worth of pillows, equates to eternal happiness with pillows.

So let me introduce you to our concept of TK Pillows:

1. Hi-Pillow - suitable for back sleepers
This is a tall pillow, it can give comfort to the neck while supporting the neck to be straight when rested sideways. 

2. Lo-Pillow - suitable for back or front sleepers
This is a low pillow, giving back sleepers comfort maintaining their neck straight. Front sleeping is actually a very unhealthy position, however when doing so, they need to ease off pressure built up on their chest, the pillow has to be softest and low, so that they can be in a comfortable position.

3. Mo-Pillow - suitable for back sleepers
Memory foam pillows comes with fixed shape. These are good for back sleepers because everybody's back profile is the same. Lifting their head slightly to keep their neck straight while resting.

We feel that the industry got too many variants of pillows, and we feel that these 3 sums it all.

The formula to awesome pillow is to sun frequently(daily would be super awesome) and wash the pillow case often.

WALA~! there you go, another tip and trick to keeping your pillows low cost yet if you need to tweak it further to bring it to the next level, invest in a sewing machine.

We hope you also give our 3 pillows a go and try to understand the concept of those 3 different sleeping positions will allow you to look at pillows differently.

Thanks for the support you all! Will continue to have more content which are useful and can help you all understand bedding products better. :D

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King