Thursday 22 May 2014

TILAM KING is now PLUS-SIZE friendly... You know what am I talking about ;)

Dear fellow Supporters n fellow Singaporeans,

It is simply frustrating to see how unthoughtful people can get sometimes. Not because they want to, it is because the idea and concept do not work out right. Hence no one actually targets at this kind of niche.

Let me elaborate...

The mattress industry is full of confusion when it comes to different models and firmness. There is a joker that came out of no where to give a firmness scale, without even mentioning about how heavy he is and what kind of preferences he likes.

The stereotype of  consumers are, plus size people will have to change their mattresses every often like 1-2 years of usage. Because the springs get more worn out then normal body weight do.

Honestly... then who makes something for the plus size crowd?

No one, yet.

The solutions we normally hear are; 
"you take the firmer one loh..."
"you take the more expensive one loh..." - anyone that intro that to you deserve a spanking.
"you buy cheaper then change frequently loh..." - most stick to this, which is not wrong.
"you just see what you like in the showroom and make do with the firmness."

When I say plus size, I mean people around 100kg and above. (Normally a mattress of medium setting will soften or degenerate faster if no proper reinforcements are in place.)

There is no one size fit all mattress hence the different firmness and different models.

What if we simplify things for you ;)

What if we actually care? What if we can make the kind of mattress that you like to make it last at least 6 years or more of use. (Normally plus size people face lifespan issues on the mattress)

The thing is that after realising that the concept of 

"bringing our flexibility to our consumers", 

which is 

"if you think the mattress is too soft we make it firmer, if you think the mattress is too hard we make it softer"

We realise that we actually can automatically cater to plus size peeps WITH NO EXTRA COST?

 We simply swap to a more durable spring set up depending on comfort level you wish to create and we work from there.

WHATTT?!?!?!?!!?!?!!??! NO EXTRA COST?

All the worries and troubles ARE GONE!


We are updating our BLOG with a new concept just to let our consumers know that we care,


Everyone loves a good old free upgrade ;)


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
- Tilam King

Thursday 1 May 2014

We plan to make the coolest, most realistic mattresses, at the most affordable price point, in Singapore! - Ergo Series.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tilam King have rise from it's humble beginnings... Saving every penny, doing everything right to have the ultimate bottom line.

We have something surfacing our shops soon...

Our proud product of the next decade...

ERGO Series

The sexy ERGO SERIES is back in BLACK...
BLACK is the new GOLD as they say ;)

Together with airflow in mind, breathable fabrics by the sides to maximize air dissipation.

This is a firm mattress, lets not forget that Firmer mattresses are easier to make.

We listen to Chiropractor's advise on how to make a firm mattress, this is our answer.


Individual Pocketed Springs
High density Foam
Special Airflow fabric for maximum ventilation
25cm Height
10 years Manufacture's Warranty.
Designed in Singapore
Assembled in China(Operated by Singaporean)

Simple formula, with simple price point.

Single - $599
Super Single - $659
Queen - $859
King - $999

Enough said.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King