Friday 28 June 2013

Why Tilam King?

Tilam King is a mattress manufacturer that wish to make a difference.

Honestly, most Singaporeans are skeptical, including me.

Why are we skeptical? 
Because we hear that mattress retail outlets cheat people, 
they pressure you, 
they say anything to secure the deal, 
over promise and not deliver.

What if Tilam King understands the situation so perfectly and wants to make a difference?

Tilam King chooses to be nice, because we believe in Karma.

We are capable people, and we do not need to cheat people's money to survive in the mattress industry. 
Tilam King grew up in the mattress industry. My father have been in this industry way before I was born.

No one in Big companies, EVEN THE 3 Ss, grew up in the mattress industry, 

they probably selling some other stuff and then so happened there was a job interview and they got into the company.

So hence, to me, they are salaried workers doing what they do to survive. But being in the mattress industry, its more then that. 
My dad once told me, "selling a mattress is not a business, it is giving someone a blessing for 10 years because if you do not use your heart to help them select a SUITABLE mattress, they end up suffering, if they like it, for the next decade they will be happy."

Many of other retail outlets are run by sales people previously from some other brands. 
They have no attachment to the industry. 
All they know and think is the mattress industry is good money, hence they start, forgetting all the challenging challenges they need to face like rentals, logistics, storage.

On the news and on the web, people can see that mattress retail outlets open and close all the time. Sometimes they collect people's deposits and declare bankrupt, not delivering to customers at all.

In Singapore you only need $2 to start a company. A mattress on average sells for $1,500. 
Think before you place an order from someone substandard.

Tilam King have a paid up capital of $100,000. 
We own our supply chain - Factory, Warehousing, Retail outlets.

Simply put it, we lie or cheat you, we loose more because it's only $1,000 we dealing...

Be nice to us, trust me, we will be very nice to you.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Thursday 20 June 2013

The Ultimate Lady Americana OverSTOCK SALES~!

Dear fellow Friends & Familes,

Ever wanted a premium quality Mattress but feel that the price is far fetched?

Or paying a premium for a VERY BASIC mattress FRUSTRATES YOU?

Tilam King is well aware of what the industry pushes to you... S*** for the money you pay.

Well we will give you HIGHLY PREMIUM PRODUCTS for the least possible amount of money spent.

For example...


Millionaire Collection - Heavenly
Natural Latex + AmeriCoil [Continuous Coil]
Used to be $2,699 Queen 
Queen Size ONLY - $1,688/-


Comfort Rest - Christina 
Convoluted Foam Support (FIRM) + Ameri-Duo Spring System[Coil in Coil Pocketed Springs]
Used to be $2,288 Queen
Queen - $1,499
King - $1,699


Flagship for the ELITE series
Plush ViscoElastic Memory Foam + Americoil [Continous Spring]
Used to be $2,499 Queen
Queen Only - $1,599


Elite - Majesty
Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper(Detachable)
5 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring
Used to be $2,599 Queen
Queen Only -$1,688


 Sweda Natural Latex, Pure Silk
Ameri-Spring [Continuous Spring]
Used to be $2,999 King
King ONLY - $1,800


Ameri-Spring[Continuous Coil]
Used to be $2,299 Queen
Queen ONLY - $1,399


BackMaster - Spine-Pedic Firm 
Latex Foam, AmeriSpring[Continuous Spring]
Used to be $1,799 Queen, $2199 King
Queen - $1,199
King - $1,399


Plush Top, AmeriSpring
Used to be $1,299 Queen
Queen ONLY - $859

All these prices are while stock last. If you do not see Single Size, Super Single Size, Queen Size or King Size prices indicated, means it is sold out! :)

Someone lucky got there first :P


Come back to Tilam King, even if you do not buy, we'll sure you'll learn something about mattresses ;)

Well this is the best we could do for you as a fellow Singaporean!


We only need support, not skepticism. 

Don't believe us, TEST US!

No one knows and understands Mattresses like we do.
Probably the most passionate Mattress people around. Period.
- Tilam King

Tuesday 11 June 2013


Thank you so much for the support!!!

Thanks so much to those that inquire about our products, even if you didn't get it this time, you can get it once it is in my showroom 2 months later. 

These 5 lucky couples are the ones that took the initiative to be the first to get their hands on this wonderful mattress! and... I'll be the 6th one!

I am very confident that the unveiling will be a blast!


Tilam King have yet again prove itself to everyone that with substance, people are willing to try new concepts.
Simply because we are more passionate.
Simply because we are more professional.
Simply because we are more well equipped. 
Simply because we are more prepared.

Simply put it... we are the best there is for Mattress Manufacturing!

Tilam King is currently preparing a BRAND NEW concept stall, that is to showcase our capabilities and to reach out to malls in the future. 

We hope to target heartland malls as TILAM KING is about being heartland. No Nonsense BS, no crazy prices, you get what you pay for.

Stay Tuned...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 9 June 2013

The Making of Tilam King's Luxury Series Pics...

The Making of Tilam King's Luxury Series

 Brother Dylan doing his thing!

Getting some Short Video shots.

Natural Latex Goodness...

The Beautiful

Full of Appeal ;)

I am proud of it. Period.

These are some of my Pictures of the shoot. There are more though...

I would like to shout out to:

1. Mr Tan San Soon
2. Darrel Teo
3. Alvin Loh
4. Cheryl Lim

Thank you for supporting me and recognizing my effort and passion to create AWESOME mattresses.

Being bold with this event have plenty of Ups and Downs... 
Being the first in the industry to do such a thing, the experience is great! Surely I have some people telling me off... surely... we are Singaporeans ;) come on...

But I take their words into a positive note and carried on with my event.

I am happy to say that I only have one more spot left, and is proud of what Tilam King have achieved.

Tilam King is officially a great brand that people recognize and truly appreciate.

Tilam King have done many things many other brands NEVER CAME NEAR OF...

1. Appearing on Google first page with the word search "mattress singapore"
2. Facebook likes is one of the highest! with 2180 as of today.
3. Blog views with almost 47,246 hits!
4. PROUD TO SAY THAT WE NEVER PAY FOR PUBLICITY specially those kind of lame awards that need to pay to get. TILAM KING GET OUR PUBLICITY THE TOUGH WAY.
5. We are able to pass on better deals then any Singaporean Alive. Apple to Apple comparison. 
6. We have OEM for a fellow Singaporean company.

We are passionate about mattresses, that is why we choose to offer you the best.

It is our choice to offer you the best, because we simply care about Mattresses more.

We believe ONLY in word of mouth. 
Tilam King is a company that is a Legacy in the making.
Our achievements and our efforts are put into the test. 
We let you to judge us.

Be gentle with us, as we are only human... Skeptical thoughts are welcomed, we have everything it takes to make you satisfied. Period.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King