Saturday 29 September 2012

29 SEPTEMBER - TILAM KING's Promotions! ;)

We have our ads today on STRAITS TIMES.

More infomation in the link:


But there is more!

Crazy SALE!!!!


The EPITOME of L.A. Mattresses
Millionaire Series
 182cm x 190cm x 38cm King Size:
 USUAL - $4,009
$2,111 Only

Luxurious Comfort!
ELITE Series - Heriess
152cm x 190cm x 36cm Queen Size:
Usual $1,799
$1,188 Only


Visco Elastic Memory Comfort. 

152cm x 190cm x 23cm Queen Size
Usual $1,599
$899 Only


Many more in our showroom!!! Please feel free to come down and take a look!

Bedframes Purchase with Purchase PROMOTION!
starts from S - $150, SS - $180, Q - $200, K - $250 onwards

I believe we are one of the most reliable and genuine people in this industry.

Come feel my passion for this industry, please visit my showroom @

8 New Industrial Road #01-01
Singapore 536200
Tel nos. 6288 8666


Thursday 27 September 2012

The Singaporean Pocketed Spring Mattress - $399

The Singaporean Pocketed Spring Mattress

What did TILAM KING do and thought about for you?

1. I think of the price point where by most Singaporeans can accept and be comfortable to change mattress more frequently, making more Singaporeans healthier because FINALLY Singaporeans are willing to change their mattresses more often. :P

2. I understood that Singaporeans see sales as an important part of their life. In fact most of Singaporeans swear by Sales. "no Sales, no buy, got Sales, then buy!" philosophy. I believe in it too. So I purposely made my height of the mattress to slightly lower then 8 inches, So that ANY bed linens on for SALES n OFFER will have no problem with the selection. (They are sales product cos nowadays there are lesser and lesser 8 inch mattresses, demand and supply, basic economics.)  

3. For all the "pan-tan" people out there, my mattress construction is inline with the FENG SHUI formula. My mattress falls under “贵子” aka Noble child, “大吉” aka Prosperous. 

4. We use the latest fabric selection. All the bullcrap about warm mattress is now taken care of, BECAUSE we use a special ULTRA breathable fabric to let air or heat dissipate faster generating positive airflow in and out of the mattress.

5. Currently we have 100% positive feedback about the mattress with a 8/10 firmness scale. (Please do not consider the fact that some people do not like firm mattresses) This positive feedback will make us work even harder to serve more Singaporeans and allow Singaporeans to sleep on a GOOD quality mattress with a small price tag.

Hence I am proud to say as a Singaporean, I have created a mattress for Singaporeans needs.

Lets recap.

1. Good price point.
2. Able to enjoy further savings with this selection.
3. Good positive FENGSHUI.
4. Latest fabrics for the ultimate cooling sensation.
5. 100% satisfaction so far!
6. Design & Built by a Singaporean for Singaporeans!


I hope to reach out to more Singaporeans whom are patriotic and are willing to support someone whom put in so much thought about making a useful mattress rather then making something so ridiculously expensive which is a no-brainer.

At a price point of $399. It is an awesome deal. I can achieve it because I myself have the facility to manufacture my own products and I own the entire supply chain of 
1. Manufacture, 2. Storage & Inventory, 3. Sales outlet.

A great product! An awesome value!
Needs great support and encouragement!

Feel my passion, come down to VIEW it.

8 New Industrial Road #01-01 LHK3
Singapore 536200

Please spread the love!


Saturday 22 September 2012

ST- Money- C7- 22 SEPT- Current PROMOTION, OMG it is back!

The Ultimate Pocketed Spring Mattress that anyone can own.

This is a product that I am very proud of.

This Mattress suits the general Singaporean.
- Superb Price Point
- Quality is way better then most brands out there
- This mattress is built to be slim so that everyone can enjoy the promotion Bed Linens in Singapore
- Breathable fabric all around the sides to let the mattress breathe better and be cool to sleep on
- Currently 100% positive feedback with high referral rates for this particular model
- Height measures positive FENGSHUI for those whom believes in FENGSHUI

Again, I would like to repeat, I am very proud of this product because this is specially thought of 
for Singaporeans by Singaporean.

Probably the most realistic mattress promotion ever in Singapore, if not the world.

I believe with my passionate approach, I will get great encouragement and support from everyone.

Please feel free to drop by to take a look.

I have restock this particular model, it was selling very well.

There are other models as well.

LADY AMERICANA MILLIONAIRE - KING SIZE - $4,909 $2,111 (Epitome of L.A.)

LADY AMERICANA ELITE HEIRESS - QUEEN SIZE - $1,799 $1,199 (36cm HT Lux Matt)

LADY AMERICANA VISCOTEX - QUEEN SIZE - $1,599 $899 (Memory Foam Mattress)


Tuesday 11 September 2012

ST - E20 LIFE! - TILAM KING founder's BIRTHDAY SPECIAL :) 15th - 20th September 2012

Yep, my birthday is on the month of September. 
So for the week starting 15th all the way til 20th September 2012, we will be

on top of our ridiculous prices.


Current Promotions -

TILAM KING's Chiro King Pillow-Top Non-Flip with Leggett & Platt ComfortCore Pocketed Springs.

Queen Size

Recommended Retail Price - $1,899/-

Promotional Price - $1,099/-

Because of my bday LESS - 27%



Lady Americana Millionaire Series - Epitome of Lady Americana 
(Queen sold out on Opening day) Imagine the value...

182 x 190 x 38 cm

King Size U - $4,009 - Promo $2,111

Because of my bday -27% - $1541.03/-


Lady Americana Elite Series - Removable zipper top layer (can sun your topper)

152 x 190 x 36 cm

Queen Size U - $1,799 - Promo $1,199

Because of my bday -27% - $875.27/-


Do note that we have several other models in our showroom. 4000sqft of showcase. 

We hope you could squeeze out some time to give us a chance to let you understand what 
TILAM KING is about.

Totally ZERO obligations

The TILAM KING guarantee that we will  NEVER EVER! force or push our customers! 

Making Singaporeans Happy always ;)

Happy Birthday to me ;) 

My birthday wish is to make TILAM KING 
a household name to remember when people is in search for tilam ;)

TILAM KING what are we made of?

You know what is the beauty of TILAM KING?

We treat everyone like our friends, we respect everyone's decision. We will never push you to buy something you do not need. Basically, we care about you.

Of cause I do not wish to sound to heavenly, I believe in Karma.

I'll do you good, you'll remember me, and that matters.

TILAM KING virtue is good karma.

1. We safe on advertising so I can give you good prices. (please do not tell me people place full page ads can sell you cheaper then me, that's impossible.)

2. I will personally serve you. As a professional in this industry since birth. I have been in touch with mattresses, this is my blood, this is my life. I have the knowledge that only others wish to have and will never have, because they do not have the hands on advantage like I do. 
We hand pick materials, manufacture, built inventory and sell in our own sales channel. 
(Do be patient with me, if you want more 1on1 time with me please come during weekdays)

3. We practice consumers needs and eliminate wants. Even though you can afford it, we feel that it is our duty to tell you what are you spending on, and why is it so expensive compared to others. We feel responsible about your sleep. We hope you can get the most out of your money.

4. We are very traditional and believes strongly in referrals, so you will know that we are not interested in 1 off sales. We hope to build a relationship with you so TILAM KING can service all your Mattress&Bedding needs. You will not need to worry about our reputation. My goal is not to have the best sales(Money isn't everything), my GOAL is to achieve 100% satisfaction and make customers refer for us. I as a person, only believe in win-win situations.

Kinds of service we do-:

OEM/ODM Services.

We are a Private Company with a SGD$100,000/- start up capital. UEN: 200920393W
We hope to achieve more OEM services for BRANDS. 
We are planning to launch investment product really soon. (Sorry not open to public)
Several Projects we are currently doing is with Ngee Ann Polytechnic - "Sleep Product Test Centre". 
(Est. December 2012)
We are looking into advertising projects. (Awaiting Spring Singapore approval.)

For OEM services or anything Mattress related please contact-: 
Tony Tan 
+65 93881170 / +65 8360 0808

Saturday 8 September 2012

Saturday Special - Tilam King's ad.

Today's advert on STRAITS TIMES

The picture of the designer bed frame is below.

Usual price with TILAM KING's Pocketed Spring Mattress Chiro King

Frame - $1,600
Mattress - $1,299
Total - $2,899

for only 

This is another genuine promotion by TILAM KING.

Do note that TILAM KING is known to do things that even consumers 
CANNOT BELIEVE their own eyes!

It is not because we cannot earn more money, it is simply because we care more for you.

Great Promotions needs Great Encouragement!!!

Come down to have a view! No Obligations!


Friday 7 September 2012


Yeap, another GENUINE offer by TILAM KING :)

Those of you that have fashion sense will love the look of this kinda bedsets.

Plush kind with replaceable fabric. Do note that the fabric is very lovely. seriously!

I cannot believe it that I am putting it at this price. well...

Queen Pocketed Spring Mattress
The lovely Designer bedframe as seen on the pictures above.

Usual - $ 2899. (Seriously)

$1299 nett!



This deal comes with a 100000000000% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


* why Tilam King do so ridiculous offers?
I like to see smiles on faces. If it is possible to not lose money, I will do it to satisfy my consumers.

* why Tilam King can do it?
We are a manufacturer in this industry since 1982, there is nothing that we do not know of and not know how to do. We make things possible and only possible to those that support us.

* challenge Tilam King, come down and TEST us?
Since being skeptical is almost the favorite Singapore's behavior. Challenge us! You got nothing to lose.

Thursday 6 September 2012

TILAM KING have views even from OVERSEAS :)


I was out of office and was running my errant and it is my habit to check my mails on the go...

To my surprise... TILAM KING have a comment all the way from INDIA ;)

So happy thanks Nikki Jain for spending your precious time noticing us and even so generous to even leave an encouraging comment to spur TILAM KING to strive better. ;)

Really happy and feel awesome...

Hopefully can do this little bit for Singapore and show that we as Singaporeans can produce good quality products as compared with the major manufacturing giants.

- Tilam King

Saturday 1 September 2012

THE STRAITS TIMES, HOME | B23. Tilam King's Advertisment Promo

Well, this is the 3rd running week for the amazing promotion of 
$399 nett

Those that own it will be my living proof that TILAM KING manufactures 
awesome mattresses at affordable prices.

Now is your last chance. Last few pieces left for grabs.

To the skeptical fellow Singaporeans, please understand that you are a bunch of people that I would want to face most, because I know if I please you, I will probably win a huge chunk of great consumers that have been trying so hard to get a good mattress deal but never got one before in your entire life. :P

We are trying to be a little noble in our own way. By doing so, needs great encouragement. Seriously. Please try to put yourself in my shoes and try to feel why I feel so much about this. 

But it is okay, I will be patient as usual ;)

I know one day people will appreciate what TILAM KING is about.

It is about allowing all Singaporeans have the best quality mattress for their money.
Serious we mean what we say.

Appreciate us!