Wednesday 16 December 2015

How to really compare TK products? The average consumer's favourite question.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and fellow Supporters,

I think it is time to write something that really will be useful for many. I honestly didn't know how to write about it in the beginning, because I was afraid I wasn't ready, nor it may backfire me being so real about certain things.

Don't forget I am only just a small fry in a OLD traditional market whereby the majority of the consumers had been influenced over years and years of paid advertising. Money talks bulls**t walks, is still the norm in today's society. Reality often is so harsh that people choose to lean towards bulls**t. 


The mattress industry.

i. The million dollar question: So how do you compare your mattresses to other brands?

Ans: Thank you for noticing us, this is already something magical. We only use so little resources to reach out to you, and honestly now you are in our showroom, asking us this question? Why not try it yourself? When you lay down do you feel any difference with any other mattresses? Other then them being at HIGH END malls, with stupid rents, and filled with emotionally stressed SALES which actually makes them a huge profit already. 
We are honest about our pricing, we use the best of everything to make 1 simple mattress. We do not need to explain ourselves like how others will, we will never put in the same effort in marketing, because it will make our company just like what the rest are out there. If we were to be mainstream, the end product will be simple, the more money I spend on designing fanciful terms which the consumer never will understand, wins the game. PERIOD.
Where are the emphasis on the mattress?
We just tell all our consumers the same thing and over and over again. 
We are not special.
We are not better then any of the brands out there.
What you get is something real, called a Mattress.

If you wish to buy a mattress, come to Tilam King, if you wish to buy more then that, I am afraid we do not have anything to for fill your ego ;)

ii. The billion dollar question: Why do not other brands follow you? Since you say until so simple?

Ans: They have gone too deep into creating a stupid ideas that mattresses have technology. You ask yourself  this simple question, 
Is it real technology? Can titanium be used in springs and be affordable? Can mattress be cooling and not trap heat? Can mattress sleep already can fly?

Now I ask you,
how old are you now? Obviously not a child right?
You got study or not? You should be aware about some materials, if not just google.
Can you just have some common sense? There is just no such thing as a fancy mattress.

If they follow my business model, imagine this, their CEO and multiple board directors will not have any gains. Who are the ones contributing? The typical consumers that actually think that expensive products have better stuff, the better stuff is the unnecessary layers of HR doing absolutely nothing important at all. :) it is true in every organization, touch your heart ask yourself.

If you see all my answers are not necessary talking about mattresses components. Sad right?

iii. The trillion dollar question: You always say until so good, you no need to earn money meh?

Ans: I always thank them when they say this, I say thank you so so so much, but honestly I am running a business, if it is not sustainable, I cannot even continue typing, have been doing so for 4 years. 
The Magic of TK is to transform something which is so traditional, into something linear, eliminate all the unnecessary and make full productivity for our staff to handle.
The key point is to eliminate Confusion, not to generate Confusion, which most companies are spending top dollar to generate Confusion.

TK is privileged to be able to control the entire supply-chain from production until retail.

We have a very strategic factory located in GZ, China.
We own the best equipment in the WORLD to make our mattresses.
We use the best components which are renown in the WORLD.
We have a good size warehouse in SG that can hold 5 40ft containers.
We own the cosiest showroom located 8 New Industrial Road S536200.
We own the cleanest Euro5 Diesel fleet to do our delivery.
We have the most passionate people to change the mattress industry.

We have the very best, all because of YOU.

YOU made it happen!

We are blessed with the internet to be able to share with everyone good quality mattresses can be affordable.

We are very appreciative of what our supporters have done for us, the constant recommendations and the love just shown to us for the past years...

Thank you so much and thank you for giving us a chance make good quality mattress at a good honest price point and to be able to compete in our very small niche.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 29 November 2015

Christmas is near~ It is the time of the year!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, fellow supporters and friends,

Christmas is really just around the corner. In like 3 more weeks!

Thank you for supporting Tilam King, 
Thank you for spreading our name willingly, 
Thank you for telling your friends to come see, telling them to give it a shot, or go try...



Tilam King, honestly, have always been blessed by this special "someone", behind us, supporting us.

Sometimes we do not even know who they are...

We never insist for them to do so...

But they just shared, spread their joy.

So this Christmas, we would like to reward them.

Anyone that thinks they have helped us or 
have helped us, or 
will help us
will receive a special gift from us.

We mean it.

No strings attached, 

just like how people helped us, we would like to help you too.

Let us spread graciousness, happiness and joy to everyone positive and to love everyone!

During this Christmas,

We would like to let you know that we sincerely appreciate all the graciousness that people gave us, chances are the most valuable, and most importantly TRUST, they put their trust in us.

We are humbled by the doings of all these great people and we maybe cannot do the same but the least we could do is to keep and maintain our Integrity, Honesty and keep our passion burning in what we do best, mattresses.

We may not have "discounts" unlike how other retailers are doing... but we keep our price point honest and practical, so that people know what they buy, and know their money is well spent on a great product.

Thank you once again for making Tilam King an awesome company!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Friday 13 November 2015

We have reached to a point where we need to participate in national development. GST.

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, fellow supporters and Singaporeans,

We have reached to a point where we are required to pay our government for Goods and Services Tax, in short GST.

you can read more on this page.

From the letter's effective date, we will have to impose GST from 13/11 onwards.

Our prices will remain unchanged to keep it affordable for everyone!

So hopefully the government will not increase GST anymore!

Keep SG competitive and friendlier for all :D

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Monday 12 October 2015

Tilam King - Singapore's very own recognized mattress manufacturer!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, fellow supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

Hallmark after hallmark - 320,000 views on our blog, 

achievement after achievements - 8,700 Likes on Facebook,

Number 1 for "mattress singapore" - on location and probably the best post *The Logic of Mattress*

Tilam King haven't change any of our style of sales, we only improved it.

Tilam King haven't drawn into pro-business, meaning dump money for marketing for more sales.

Tilam King is still the least sales driven company I probably think in the world...

If you do not know what you are buying, or didn't get what you came for, we will just say thanks for your time, and see you soon someday...

The concept of what Tilam King believes is, we as a manufacturer simplifies our mattresses, to the point, our consumers must know what we are talking.

We back it up by quality components suppliers...

and now in 2015, we backed it up more by the best possible equipment used to make our mattresses.

and in 2016, we hope to start collecting DATA (not going to say yet) to substantiate that Tilam King mattresses allow all our clients to have a great night sleep, like wise the other branded boys.

We believe that the only formula 
to stay true to what we developed for our consumers

is for the company to be self sustainable and 

for the products to be awesome.

These has got to be the mantra for our company and the spirit of what we live on.

It has really been a long while since we recite our Vision and Mission...

Our Vision:
To allow everyone really good quality mattresses at the best value!

Our Mission:
To let our consumers clearly understand what mattresses is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.


We also wish to thank for really everyone that supported us, and be all so gracious and share our story with so many of their friends, their family, and to people whom are looking for mattresses.

Tilam King is overwhelmed with the generosity that we receive from especially friends, and clients that turn into kakis.

Because of this, we will continue to strive harder, and serve selflessly to the public!

Educate as many people we can, share good mattresses with anyone that needs it.

We have been around for 4 good years...

Tilam King will be forever... 

No one can stop us, because of social media...

No one can deny us from doing, because it is what we really love doing...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Saturday 19 September 2015

Problems we had, and Accomplishments we achieved. Closing our FY end SEPT15.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and supporters,

We are very proud of what we had become. We started out as a company that would want to built on the right fundamentals of business, not being too sales driven, but the story to tell about how economics work and how marketing actually manipulates most of our perceived values.

These hard truths had created us a great and strong following on how we actually capture our niche, we also influence a great mindset alike and fundamentally encourage a "healthier" and "better" mindset towards consumerism.

In today's world, most consumers are just so blind folded by mainstream media and what nots, too the extend, ending up buying a lot of junk or buying something they want and not need.

We bring the word NEED back to society. Cover your needs without compromising quality.

At TILAM KING, we work hard, to make sure our products work, our products be simple to understand, probably too simple until people find it crazy, but we love making our clients understanding what they buy.

This is a revolutionary achievement if you ask me.

With only the use of social media, and god, it is powerful.

TILAM KING has come to the point we need not lie to our consumers about what is and what is not.

It is what it is, and it is shown in a simplified manner that if you do not understand, it is our duty to elaborate.

We had 100% converted all the "sales pitches" into reality speeches. Some may find it offensive, or difficult to absorb because we often debunk marketing jargon and substantiate it with LOGIC, with the occasional science element, mostly physics.

We hope you can appreciate our heartfelt effort in making all these possible.

It was never easy being the company whom digs out all the truths and lay it on the table and being professional enough to explain certain facts.
Often we get challenged, because as the average consumer questions about why are we doing these and what do we stand to gain and yadah yadah, self accomplishment is the answer, at the same time earning healthy money to serve the masses.

Some love and respect to be given to our sales team and TILAM KING applaud them for their bravery, and their choice in joining the team. We maybe small, but we are beautiful.



Problems that had been consistently bugging us, that to the point we have no solution to help or change or improve the matter.

1. Logistics (Supplier side/Bed-frame)

This is TILAM KING's Achilles heel, as you all know that TILAM KING only does mattresses. We also work with several companies to provide affordable bed-frames that makes sense. It serve as an important role as most consumers would prefer to buy the mattress and bed-frame together.
Nowadays with houses getting smaller and smaller, storage bed-frames are getting more and more accepted in our daily lives. Bed frames that have storages makes good compromised space into usable space. However all these will have to be designed like a box, with a lid, supporting the lid are hydraulics to hold for the ease of opening and closing.
These would require a experienced installer to install, if not the structure will be compromised.
Normally we leave the installation to our suppliers.
Our suppliers are very tight on labour, as in Singapore now, we face a big problem with hard labour, ie: manual labour and carpentry works.
They often can't cope with the delivery load of the entire Singapore. The supplier we use are supplying to most of the names you see hear and touch before.

So, always delaying the delivery timings till very late.

For example, 4-6pm was promised by the supplier, but often only reaching at 8pm or even 9pm for their goods.

Some of our clients could not accept this and had built grudges against TILAM KING as a irresponsible company towards delivery timings.

However, for things that could be handled by TILAM KING ie: mattress, simple bedframes, pillows. Things that we can control, we will never be late unless something big arises(accident, flood, etc).

We seek everyone's understanding that we suggested, shouted, scolded, negotiated, with our suppliers and still no result. *I know right... but they are the same guys that also represent all the big names you see before.


2. Problem handling (Client)

These is a problem whereby we do not know how to handle, because honestly most clients nowadays do not remember the Invoice number of their purchases. There is an expectation of us tracing their invoices for them on a adhoc basis, to make changes and amendments. We normally give them the benefit of the doubt and try our best to accommodate if we could.

Here is a real situation to think about in this situation, the client buys a product from a big company, and do not produce an invoice, the company being very big, may not have the same person attending to the client, invoice numbers act as a tracing number to retrieve clients details and particulars and also acts as a legal document to proof that the client is a valid client. It allows the company to verify the client instantly, and move on to solving what the client's problems or queries.

If the initial step is not verified, it is totally impossible to move on to the problem.

We hope to get the understanding that we as a company will always help our clients, if the bed-frames are faulty or the installation was done not in the correct manner, we need to draft out a <<FAULT REPORT>> to our suppliers to acknowledge their mistake and get them to service our clients.

We just hope there is an understanding of the importance of the invoice number.


3. Price increase (Products)

With the forex market being very very crazy plus the surge of the US dollar, we have no choice but to increase the prices of all our products reasonably by 2016. We have been holding back the increase because we wish to challenge our limits to stretch ourselves to the max. We have to register for GST soon and there are many consequences as well such as rise in material cost and labour cost to upkeep our company from operating.

Do expect a $50-$100 increase on all models and ranges plus the GST of 7% soon.

Do note that this implementation will be really soon.

TILAM KING will embrace these problems and will work hard to cope and overcome this. We beg for understanding and forgiveness if our clients 


There was a time when people said TILAM KING won't make it, but we awesomely did!

Not everyone in Singapore is pro business, but basic thing is, most brands adopt this concept, whereby it is written all over the text books since 20-30 years ago.

1. Manufacturer produce products
2. Distributors distribute products
3. Marketers market products
4. Retailers sell products to end users

We all CANNOT disagree with this.

TILAM KING role is,

1. We are a Mattress Manufacturer, we produce our own products
2. We market our own concepts and products
3. We own our own retail outlet and sell it to our end users
4. We have our own logistics team to deliver the products to your home

We, with the help of social media, with the help with great supporters,  made it all happen.

We are going to acquire the property we currently sitting on, 8 New Industrial Road #01-01 S536200.

We have also hit the million dollar mark, so we have to register for GST.

We have now an awesome company built on purely dreams and integrity.

We wanted to educate clients to know more about mattress. DONE.
We wanted to debunk most of the marketing jargon that don't make sense. DONE.
We wish to let clients have access to affordable luxurious mattress. DONE.

Our goal moving forward,

is to keep the company as flexible as possible

be the most PRO-Customer retail experience ever possible

be the most Product-Centric company ever possible

be the most Karma orientated company ever

continue in growing TILAM KING as a business organically.

We shall never over expand, never over spend on marketing, and never sell anything unnecessary.

We are looking forward to a better and spectacular 2016. There will be so many more stuff to come.

A keynote will be written soon and be posted on our Facebook and Blogspot page.

Thanks for supporting us, thanks for encouraging us, thanks for sharing our crazy ideas, thanks for embracing our efforts!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Saturday 22 August 2015

Minimalism consumer approach... Mattress shopping with no "distraction".

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and supporters,

Consumerism is a very big and very scary disease...

We have been trying to spread the concept of minimalism and "reduce distraction".

This is pretty interesting...

a very good toothpaste example...

This video sums up of what the mattress industry is trying to do to us...

Offering you too many choices and end of the day, you forget what you are buying ...

We, TILAM KING, helps you to simplify mattresses.

When we do so, you truly understand what you are buying, and why it is created to be that way.

For example, 
a very firm mattress being very thick, some consumers think it is good. But they never think that firmness comes from the springs. Springs in science, gives support, Comfort layers in science, gives comfort. If it is a firm mattress, you should pick something that is closer to the springs(thinner) because springs are ultimately the ones giving you support, not the comfort layer. 
- Ergo Series by Tilam King

We hope consumers can get more insights on how a mattress is assembled together.


Let us summarize what we pride ourselves on...

We use top quality components that have good foothold in the industry and leverage on their big names.

Now, here is part II of the story... HARDWARE!!

The BEST quilting machine.

The BEST sewing machines.

The BEST tape-masters.

TILAM KING have been using the best quality components since 2011...

Now in 2015,
TILAM KING use only the TOP equipments in the entire industry to make our mattresses!

This is what passionate manufacturing is all about.

Now our mantra speaks for itself...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Friday 10 July 2015

Looking abroad, at new mattress start up companies. PRODUCT = ADVERTISEMENT.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

The mattress industry is traditional and in statues-quo, nothing has changed for almost 30 years, I only can say this because of the life experiences I have...

Finally, there are great and awesome companies speaking the same language as us, and they are gaining a lot of traction.

The mattress industry overseas, is moving towards compressed packaging. For simple logistics.

How ever, due to the more traditional mindset of ASEAN people, compressed packed mattress is deemed as low value, and may compromise the structure of the mattresses.

Google these names,

Casper mattress

and Turf&needle.

The concept of theirs is basically "you cannot choose the hotel mattress firmness", you either like it or you don't.

They are a 1 mattress product company.

They have 30days up to 100days trial before you can think of choosing to sleep on it or return it for a refund.

These only solve the problem for people whom are ok with that firmness.

1. Bigger sized people need firmer mattress due to their body mass.
2. ASEAN typically prefer firm supportive mattress.
3. New Gen adults prefers softer mattresses.
4. Children require softer mattresses then regular adult mattress due to their light body mass.



We are just amused by how far these guys can go because of the sheer amount of spirits they have...

BTW these new kids on the block are all over FORBES, Business Times, News, Entrepreneur Mags, and in almost all PR media platforms available. Getting in all these forms of media requires an average of USD$10,000 upwards per publication. Not yet include PR company's fees.

The idea is there, but it doesn't solve the problem, the real problem that people need, what the  consumers desire.

Tilam King, being a REAL mattress manufacturer, knows the perfect solution.

Here is our magic.

Springs have different thickness, they affect the firmness of the springs, if you have been following us, you know that for every spring mattress, the SPRINGS are the core of the mattress.

There are SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD settings.

This way, we could cater to the less then 40kg, 41kg up to 90kg, and 91kg upwards, based on science , measuring body mass.

With this 5 models:




With 3 settings of springs:

1. Soft - > 40kg
2. Medium - 40 kg - 90kg
3. Hard - < 90kg

Tilam King can cater to ALL of Human kind, be it religion, culture, race, preference, height, weight...


Deep down inside us, we know it works. Because that's how mattress works, scientifically.


We are avoiding mainstream media due to the fact that, we believe in keeping our cost low, and we are a 100% ownership company.

We own the entire supply-chain of :
1. Factory / Production
2. Warehousing / Logistics
3. Lorries / Logistics
4. Retail Outlets / Point of sales

We are backed up by awesome suppliers, which takes care of the R&D for us.

We only assemble what is right to bring the best to our consumers.

Our goal is consumer first, second is company sustainability.

We are not companies which are from alternate sources of investments which end of the day, are very profit driven, and even if they fail, it is only a start up.

Being product centric, allows us to pay the most attention on our quality that our consumers receive.

These to us, are the main form of advertisement.


The Perfection of Passionate Manfuacturing
- Tilam King

*disclaimer, I do not own rights to Casper nor Turf&Needle, these 2 are great companies trying to be transparent with the industry. I love what they had done and even appreciate the simplistic approach of simplifying mattresses. If they ever wish to have a rep to manufacture their mattresses for ASEAN region, I probably would love to do it for them.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Tilam King, the only company that refuses to use traditional media and god bless the Internet.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

we had really come a long way...

We are going to have 300,000 views really soon...

Those that supported us, THANK YOU!
Those that helped shared the great products, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Ultimately, we try our best to use only social media to reach out as many as we can possible, to those that benefited, will enjoy the BEST possible product and the BEST possible value! 

These are basically my opinions about the industry and how to be a smarter mattress shopper for every fellow Singaporean ;)


Our concept ...
<5 mattress fit all> model 
is easy to understand and transparent.


We believe in respecting our consumers by being straight forward, 
hence the honest price point...


Our ultimate reliability test, done in our own style and fashion.


Probably our most popular post of all, that is everywhere in Google searches and probably the most read blog-post about mattresses in Singapore!

The Logic of mattresses, how to buy?


Our take on the Hotel Experience.
How to have 5 star Hotel Experience right in your bedroom?


A lot of effort was spent into the content and to put the perspectives from a consumer.
They are easy to understand and not with jargons which you cannot understand, and of cause with some of Singapore's humour.

We take pride and full credit what these content can bring us, for the good and bad.

We enjoy every smiles created educating consumers to get the most out of their mattress.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

* Just so you know, it is really not easy starting a company that actually use facts. We often get slammed by haters or competitors, the mattress industry is indeed filled with uneducated people and sales orientated sales people, which will say what it takes to close the deal, even destroying other people's image. We however for the educated people, now is the internet era, with transparency brands are just names. Manufacturers ultimately are manufacturers, whether or not we create good products, our components suppliers can substantiate for it's value. 
Manufacturers that eventually eliminate middle people, will cause some people to be unhappy, but to the clients, that is value for you there ;)
Just saying, 2cents.

Showroom address: 8 New Industrial Road #01-01 Singapore 536200
Telephone number: 6288 8666

Tuesday 9 June 2015

the IMPORTANCE of a flat base. Which is the support of your mattress.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow supporters and fellow Singaporeans...

There are many questions asking about mattresses and honestly, the base is as important too.

Tilam King uses Individual Pocketed Springs, therefore the springs doesn't rely on one another, preventing motion to be transferred to your partner.

The flat base is very crucial and very important.

Most bases nowadays are made into slates, PLEASE avoid them. Slates were invented because to save logistics cost on shipping. It is bent,  have gaps in-between them, occasionally causing the springs to be slanted while applying pressure on them. 

Also for those bases that are installed together by putting part by part through assembly, make sure that the base is fixed properly. Check to see if there are any weird sounds or loose joints.


There is also an honest reason why I blog about this topic.

Some of our clients complaint to us about our mattress sinking in the middle, 
or sagging in the middle.

We were shocked and 
we reacted by firstly going to their place to check it out.
Secondly, we place the mattress on the floor, which is flat, to test the mattress out.

This will be the most honest solution for us to identify whether our mattresses are at fault or not.

We then lay down on the area that is claimed to be the faulty area to check.

Then, nothing is wrong... -.-"

Realize that the base had cracks and indent, the indent led the mattress to feel that it had sagged in that particular area.


Hopefully after understanding this blog post, we start questioning more of the bases that we select for our mattress. All we need is to have a solid base that is flat, this assures that the mattress is well supported and hence giving you the best support you ever need from the mattress.

These solid bases are not expensive

for simple designs Queen size for example starts from $350 with 1 year warranty.

The more complex the design of the frames are the more the cost of the frames is.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Saturday 4 April 2015

The TILAM KING CONCEPT, and why no competition cannot come close?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We shall tell you the truth why people cannot follow or change to be like us? Yea I get it, they are bigger then us, to mimic a smaller company like us and crush us will be simple.
They have gone in too deep to even make that change possible. What if a top brand change to be like us? IE to say their previous effort in creating different models will be erased, imagine globally how big of an impact it will create? LOL. They cannot look back and will only continue doing the same thing that they do best, to confuse you more :P 

You see brands have to make more varieties for the consumers to basically let you feel indulged and spoilt for choices, ultimately losing focus on the price point and just going ahead with which ever feels good because it is just so tiring to look for a good mattress anyways.

If you actually take a look at REAL LUXURY brands for mattress, they only have 3 models or lesser, and offer full customization in their firmness. Sounds firmilar already right? but all these comes at a hefty price tag of way above the $10,000s and do not know why mattresses that are expensive are all Swedish. LOL since when did Sweden specialize in mattress? 

 Nvm, long story short.

The concept of a mattress that Tilam King STRONGLY believe is:

1. FIRMNESS comes from the springs, the springs are ultimately the core of the mattress, not the comfort layer. If there is a soft mattress, you take out the soft springs and put a firmer springs inside, it will become firmer.

2. Comfort layers, there are ONLY 3 major comfort layers, Latex , Memory foam , and Foam. Their primary purpose is to give comfort by easing off pressure before allowing the springs to give resistance. They are normally placed on top of the springs. This is what normally consumers are paying for in a mattress, the way how the mattress reacts to you when you lay down on the mattress. Each comfort layers are unique in it's own way.

3. Consumers should understand 1 & 2 and realized that all the places that do not understand about mattresses will sell you mattress based on firmness, WHICH in our perspective can be adjusted by the different spring settings. Why can't they follow us if it is so logical? Because they choose not to, and all their life they already have been doing more models just to create variety for absolutely no reason at all. Consumers cannot justify the difference between a $4,000 mattress vs $8,000 mattress vs $12,000 mattress vs $40,000 mattress. The internal components are all similar yet NAMED in a very different manner. 


To summarize, 

Mattresses have 2 major parts, 
top layer which are comfort layers,
bottom layer are the springs.

Whether the consumer is light weight, or heavy weight, we have created a particular system to cater. 

Doesn't mean that you are heavy you cannot buy that particular mattress because is too soft, we can firm it up for you.

So therefore, with just 5 models, Tilam King can represent the entire industry.


TK Luxury Mattress

from left to right, TK Deluxe Series, TK Luxury Series, TK Premiere Series.

Ergo Series

Hotel Comfort


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King