Wednesday 16 December 2015

How to really compare TK products? The average consumer's favourite question.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and fellow Supporters,

I think it is time to write something that really will be useful for many. I honestly didn't know how to write about it in the beginning, because I was afraid I wasn't ready, nor it may backfire me being so real about certain things.

Don't forget I am only just a small fry in a OLD traditional market whereby the majority of the consumers had been influenced over years and years of paid advertising. Money talks bulls**t walks, is still the norm in today's society. Reality often is so harsh that people choose to lean towards bulls**t. 


The mattress industry.

i. The million dollar question: So how do you compare your mattresses to other brands?

Ans: Thank you for noticing us, this is already something magical. We only use so little resources to reach out to you, and honestly now you are in our showroom, asking us this question? Why not try it yourself? When you lay down do you feel any difference with any other mattresses? Other then them being at HIGH END malls, with stupid rents, and filled with emotionally stressed SALES which actually makes them a huge profit already. 
We are honest about our pricing, we use the best of everything to make 1 simple mattress. We do not need to explain ourselves like how others will, we will never put in the same effort in marketing, because it will make our company just like what the rest are out there. If we were to be mainstream, the end product will be simple, the more money I spend on designing fanciful terms which the consumer never will understand, wins the game. PERIOD.
Where are the emphasis on the mattress?
We just tell all our consumers the same thing and over and over again. 
We are not special.
We are not better then any of the brands out there.
What you get is something real, called a Mattress.

If you wish to buy a mattress, come to Tilam King, if you wish to buy more then that, I am afraid we do not have anything to for fill your ego ;)

ii. The billion dollar question: Why do not other brands follow you? Since you say until so simple?

Ans: They have gone too deep into creating a stupid ideas that mattresses have technology. You ask yourself  this simple question, 
Is it real technology? Can titanium be used in springs and be affordable? Can mattress be cooling and not trap heat? Can mattress sleep already can fly?

Now I ask you,
how old are you now? Obviously not a child right?
You got study or not? You should be aware about some materials, if not just google.
Can you just have some common sense? There is just no such thing as a fancy mattress.

If they follow my business model, imagine this, their CEO and multiple board directors will not have any gains. Who are the ones contributing? The typical consumers that actually think that expensive products have better stuff, the better stuff is the unnecessary layers of HR doing absolutely nothing important at all. :) it is true in every organization, touch your heart ask yourself.

If you see all my answers are not necessary talking about mattresses components. Sad right?

iii. The trillion dollar question: You always say until so good, you no need to earn money meh?

Ans: I always thank them when they say this, I say thank you so so so much, but honestly I am running a business, if it is not sustainable, I cannot even continue typing, have been doing so for 4 years. 
The Magic of TK is to transform something which is so traditional, into something linear, eliminate all the unnecessary and make full productivity for our staff to handle.
The key point is to eliminate Confusion, not to generate Confusion, which most companies are spending top dollar to generate Confusion.

TK is privileged to be able to control the entire supply-chain from production until retail.

We have a very strategic factory located in GZ, China.
We own the best equipment in the WORLD to make our mattresses.
We use the best components which are renown in the WORLD.
We have a good size warehouse in SG that can hold 5 40ft containers.
We own the cosiest showroom located 8 New Industrial Road S536200.
We own the cleanest Euro5 Diesel fleet to do our delivery.
We have the most passionate people to change the mattress industry.

We have the very best, all because of YOU.

YOU made it happen!

We are blessed with the internet to be able to share with everyone good quality mattresses can be affordable.

We are very appreciative of what our supporters have done for us, the constant recommendations and the love just shown to us for the past years...

Thank you so much and thank you for giving us a chance make good quality mattress at a good honest price point and to be able to compete in our very small niche.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King