Sunday 25 August 2013

Mattress Cleaning Topic FACTS - You guys will be surprised by what will read.

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

Remember Tilam King practice substance over BS, I mean marketing.

 Let us review this topic once again, because you will like what I will share with you guys.

All you need is some DIY~!

I hope you enjoy this fruitful read.

Again once again sorry to all mattress cleaning companies, its not just me, so many scientist are just not convinced.

Companies always tend to over promise and under perform to the stated outcome.

So lets just be more wise,

Lets just google more often ;)

The internet do not lie.

- Tilam King

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These are the kinds of materials I enjoy to read and comment about.

Through my twitter account #tilamking, I can share my findings and knowledge with you guys.

Be assured that I will be only posting useful and backed by SCIENCE methods not the BS, I mean marketing way.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Remember we can DELIVER on a later date ;) *Promos

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

It is the time of the year again whereby it is nearing to the year end.

Troubles of delivery, Troubles of arranging, Troubles of crowd.

Let Tilam King assure you one thing.

Our deals, are genuine deals. Our price, our products speak for itself.

We do not put SALE ON, just for fun sake.

We are able to hold your goods until your preferred date. Just not 1 year please :P Less then 6 months is okay ;)


First up,

Lady Americana mind BLOWING SALE!


38cm Thickness!
USED TO BE $3,299
Selling it for $1,800
52% Price Reductions


Millionaire Collection - 

36cm Thickness
USED TO BE $2,699
Selling for $1,788
48% Price Reductions


ELITE Series -

38cm Thickness
USED TO BE $2,599
Selling for $1,688
46% Price Reductions


TK Luxury Series

@ the current price point of 

Queen - $1,599
King - $1,799

and Specifications
33cm Thick
10cm Thick Natural Latex PillowTop
Individual Pocketed Spring
Belgium Premium Cotton Fabric

No one can offer this price point and offer this much quality from a mattress in SINGAPORE.


Our Purchase with Purchase offer for bed frames are of great value and high quality!

Color can choose from a wide variety of colors!

Queen Size - $399 (UP. $699)
King Size - $499 (UP. $899)


We sincerely hope you can see and feel our great value and that our price are very genuine.

Our objective is to save on advertisement and convert that into savings to our consumers.

All the above PROMOs are while stock last ONLY.

Being genuine, needs encouragement~!

Come support us~!

No one knows mattress more then we do!
- Tilam King

Thursday 15 August 2013

Let me refresh on why Tilam King is worth your time.

Dear Fellow Singaporeans and friends,

Tilam King have stopped advertising on traditional media. WHOOHOO~!

It is definitely not cheap to advertise in the traditional media.

But I did my own homework, and my own survey, my clienteles are not from newspaper advertisements.

People whom are still reading the papers mostly are not my clients;

Reason being:

1. most of them have age, and they are not accepting new ideas and ways to judge new companies. To them more expensive = better.
2. because they are of senior age, at least to me, they feel that they know more, even though they know nothing about mattresses. 
3. most of the people are super funny, they try to hunt cheap and good things in the papers. (HELLO, WAKE UP, THEY PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND YOU THINK IT IS CHEAP?) lol.

Let me conclude,

These group of people in fact are always spending more money then they need too because they end up purchasing COMFORT, and not product.

Those that end up trying their best to search for the best bargain end up very frustrated because most furniture companies normally do not honor the deals they advertise, for eg, they put one very small * and write, 1 piece only or display set only, etc.

BRANDS says that a mattress is an asset.

TILAM KING says that a mattress is a consumable product.

It is meant to be used, and thrown away after 10 years irregardless of it's condition.

A mattress is a 300 over year old product, your great grand father sleeps on mattress, your grand father sleeps on mattress, your father sleeps on mattress and you too sleep on mattress.
You do not need Einstein to make a mattress, Tilam King can!

A mattress will not spoil without constant abuse; ie jumping or bending the mattress.

The only thing that we cannot change which is a fact is, the mattress is the most dirtiest part of the bedroom and in fact the house.

You wash your rubbish bins but do not wash your mattress.

It is only hygienic to change your mattress every 10 years, and this advise is good for you.

Brands because they wish to be UP there a little, so they say, 25 years, LIFE TIME WARRANTY, etc...

Please all this are BS, and these companies DO NOT GIVE A FLYING F about your life.

I do, so stick to 10 years.


The matter of a fact is Tilam King is a manufacturer.

Manufacturer have loads of pride with the products he/she produces. We will do everything right for the product we produce. Technically manufacturers are very logical in thinking.

If you do not like my stuff, I will never force you to buy, because I know I did my best in the product and someone will appreciate.

Life goes on.

We help our clients get the very best stuff available in the planet to sleep on, without breaking their bank.

I think to me that is a very honorable thing to do in human life, because I believe in karma.


Long saying short. We strive our best to give you what you only need.

To us, everyone deserves a luxury mattress, BECAUSE IT IS REALLY COMFORTABLE!

We make sure that you get the best mattress for your money.

We know how to be savvy because we are savvy as you are!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 11 August 2013

FB over 2,500 LIKES , Blog over 67,700 HITS!! Thank you everyone!

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Our passion and our products have moved our clients...

TILAM KING have officially stopped advertising on the papers (traditional media).

We believe that the best form of advertisement is in our product,
and we let you be our judge.

All the money that we saved, will be translated into more product for your money.

You are buying mattresses, not paying for someone else marketing plan.

Tilam King believes ONLY in substance.

My product speaks for itself, and will continue to further improve over time.


Facebook over 2,500 LIKES
Blog over 67,700 HITS

To us, these are staggering numbers which we sincerely appreciate all the support you give to us!

Thank you Everyone! Thank you sincerely!

We will never stop, and will continue to product THE BEST QUALITY mattresses at the best VALUE!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

No one is as good as us when it comes to mattresses, PERIOD.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Happy birthday Singapore! I have enjoyed 28 years out of your 48!

Dear Singapore,

Thanks for being so safe for my family and I.
Thanks for giving us a peaceful nation where my family and I can rest soundly without worrying.
Thanks for keeping food prices low so my family and I can enjoy my favorite chicken rice for only $3.
Thanks for keeping the subways and public transport affordable, I use them a lot so the cost doesn't make me stress over whether should I go out or not.
Thanks for allowing us to serve fellow Singaporeans in the Mattress Industry, there is so much love and support and concern given to me each and every day. 
I thank you deeply and really respect you.

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!!!

- Tilam King


I think being Singaporean is really privileged. I frequent to Guangzhou China very often for business because my factory is there, being Singaporean is really a brand.
Many people think that we are:
1. honest
2. educated
3. civilized
4. generally nice

I feel happy when I hear this all the time ;)

The truth is, there is no other side for Singapore, it is one of , I MEAN THE BEST.

No place is as safe.
No place is as empathetic.
Even Singapore crimes are not as scary as compared to overseas.
We are as fun as a nation.
We are as good as the upper class segment.
We are the BEST in the lower class segment.
We are also the BEST in the middle class segment.
There is everything for each and every Singaporean.

People live a REAL rat race else where, where as in Singapore so long as you compromise a little, all is well.

There is no perfect place, but the closest is Singapore.


Just so you guys know, many of you guys are asking me for PROMOTIONS.
*actually I do not have to do promotions, because my price point and quality are far superior to anyone already.
But JUST BECAUSE it is Singapore's birthday,

so here goes.


There will be 48 pieces of 
going at only $148/pair. (each @ $74)
regular price is $100/pc.


48 pieces of
going at only $39/pc
regular price is $60/pc


48 pieces of 
going at $29/pc
regular is $60.


Lady Americana Mattress are all on sale! most of them are already more then 48% off. :P

*While stock last! Limited sizes available. 


Tilam King's very own Luxury mattresses.

It will blow your mind. 
We have to, we are simply the best in mattresses in Singapore :P

*wahaha, the in Singapore you never see before leh... ;P


This is my pride, this is my logo, this is my country, this is my passion.

Everything you need to know about Tilam King is in the logo.

The Perfection of Passionate Mattress Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 4 August 2013

TK PREMIERE SERIES - The Ultimate Memory Foam Experience... Sneak Preview

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

Sorry for my down time, 1th - 4th Aug. 

BUT! It is worth it!

I have created another masterpiece utilizing Memory Foam.

Trust me, it sounds SIMPLE...

IT FEELS SO DARN AWESOMELY AWESOME X 1,000,000,000,000 to the infinity.

Here are some glimpse of the making...

Handpicked one of the best Memory Foam available 

The Experts in Mattresses

Aligning all the materials together for a test sample

We added something super unique ;) 

This fabric is just for sample purposes only, the outcome will not look like this

Making sure everything is in order and in the right size

Discussion on how to further improve the sample

Time to lay it out nicely, and test!

No way better to test other then to test it yourself! 

OMG, I found the "feel" of awesomeness!

MY GAWD... feels superb! 

I am not trying to be cocky here, but please... BRING IT ON...

I think sooner or later brands will lose its competitiveness just because we produce such awesome mattresses for everyone.

It is ridiculous that people are still paying 2k to buy something so simple and honestly SUBStandard!

Well I have the upper hand because I can have access to EVERY MATERIAL IN THE WORLD, there is nothing I cannot produce in terms of mattress, it's just whether I want to or not...

Tilam King is a factory, 
Tilam King is not new in mattress industry, 
we are just thrifty on our marketing efforts...


To me, the best marketing is in each and every mattress I produce, when people bring it home, they know deep down inside there is awesomeness in what they are sleeping on.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King