Thursday 8 January 2015

Year end FACTS to know about.

Dear fellow supporters and friends,

It is the year end period before CNY, we had gone through another Logistics nightmare.

Fortunately through our statistics, we have faced lesser problems as compared to last year, as no major issues came up. The issues are mainly about delivery timings. Which seriously cannot be controlled. 
*Honestly I wish to be able to pick my truck and be able to place at everyone's door step so I can unload the goods in the shortest time possible and in  the most accurate time frame.

But let us sit back and think about it...

When i shop for a product from Qoo10, no one tell me when they are coming. They let me understand that when they are ready to deliver but not specific timings.

You see, the problem with consumers is that when the items are small, or low value they do not really care or matter to them.
But how ever we understand that mattresses or frames are slightly bigger ticket items and to consumers sometimes they wish to witness the delivery or how ever they wish to receive the item.

The 2 concepts of logistics are similar, because both goods are needed to be transported into individual homes, BUT HOWEVER the smaller item do not need to give specific timings, yet the big item require.

So what am I trying to say is, be gracious enough to understand that during the year end is peak for sales, hence there are loads of deliveries to complete. ANOTHER THING WE CANNOT CHANGE IS, we are in the monsoon period, if it rains, the traffic gets lousy. 

THIS is a FACT and we CANNOT do anything about it.

If there are things that we cannot change to improve or find a way to do better, please do not fault us.

We are doing our very best to keep cost low, and achieve the highest possible value in the product.

There is a client whom asked me this question, " Tony, don't you wish to improve our service standards so that you can compete with the other big brands?"

I honestly replied, "NO, I never thought of creating a mainstream brand, what is the point? I wish to be PRODUCT-centric where my clients have the understanding of what mattresses are and buy it because the product is good instead of the service. We foresee that in the future we can make all our marketing materials into reputation, buying it without the salesperson should be the next step. Logistics we will be looking for outsourcing to give consumers an alternative."

So probably we are looking into delivery charges that will be out sourcing:
Currently most furniture companies are charging $80/-
We are giving our consumers now to pick either $80, or FOC, but if it is free transport, we can only confirm DAY and NOT TIME.

So the conclusion is...

Do spend the effort in comparing our MATTRESSES...

Please do not compare our service standards to the Ss, it doesn't make sense at all. 

Unless you willing to pay $5,000 for our mattresses, I will personally deliver the mattresses within a 1 hour time frame that is promised.


Facts are hard to read and accept, we dare to say it because we know what we are doing, and we are trying our best to do it. No offense is intended or implicated, just PURE FACTS that we have to let it off our chest.

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- Tilam King