Thursday 27 September 2012

The Singaporean Pocketed Spring Mattress - $399

The Singaporean Pocketed Spring Mattress

What did TILAM KING do and thought about for you?

1. I think of the price point where by most Singaporeans can accept and be comfortable to change mattress more frequently, making more Singaporeans healthier because FINALLY Singaporeans are willing to change their mattresses more often. :P

2. I understood that Singaporeans see sales as an important part of their life. In fact most of Singaporeans swear by Sales. "no Sales, no buy, got Sales, then buy!" philosophy. I believe in it too. So I purposely made my height of the mattress to slightly lower then 8 inches, So that ANY bed linens on for SALES n OFFER will have no problem with the selection. (They are sales product cos nowadays there are lesser and lesser 8 inch mattresses, demand and supply, basic economics.)  

3. For all the "pan-tan" people out there, my mattress construction is inline with the FENG SHUI formula. My mattress falls under “贵子” aka Noble child, “大吉” aka Prosperous. 

4. We use the latest fabric selection. All the bullcrap about warm mattress is now taken care of, BECAUSE we use a special ULTRA breathable fabric to let air or heat dissipate faster generating positive airflow in and out of the mattress.

5. Currently we have 100% positive feedback about the mattress with a 8/10 firmness scale. (Please do not consider the fact that some people do not like firm mattresses) This positive feedback will make us work even harder to serve more Singaporeans and allow Singaporeans to sleep on a GOOD quality mattress with a small price tag.

Hence I am proud to say as a Singaporean, I have created a mattress for Singaporeans needs.

Lets recap.

1. Good price point.
2. Able to enjoy further savings with this selection.
3. Good positive FENGSHUI.
4. Latest fabrics for the ultimate cooling sensation.
5. 100% satisfaction so far!
6. Design & Built by a Singaporean for Singaporeans!


I hope to reach out to more Singaporeans whom are patriotic and are willing to support someone whom put in so much thought about making a useful mattress rather then making something so ridiculously expensive which is a no-brainer.

At a price point of $399. It is an awesome deal. I can achieve it because I myself have the facility to manufacture my own products and I own the entire supply chain of 
1. Manufacture, 2. Storage & Inventory, 3. Sales outlet.

A great product! An awesome value!
Needs great support and encouragement!

Feel my passion, come down to VIEW it.

8 New Industrial Road #01-01 LHK3
Singapore 536200

Please spread the love!


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