Wednesday 29 October 2014

Promotion vs an Honest price point? Which is actually better?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and supporters...

Many love to ask,

"Year end is coming, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year all around the corner, are you guys having a promotion?"

Our answer is,

"No, unfortunately..."

I carried on and said,

"I grew up from the mattress industry, the moment I was born, I already saw the sales sign at shops and till today it never was taken down. Don't judge, you flip the papers, EVERY WEEK got promotion, you go EXPO, EVERY OTHER WEEK GOT EXPO, you go Courts, EVERYDAY GOT PROMO, you go Robinsons, EVERYDAY GOT PROMO."

I never believe that by paying $50,000 for a full page advertisement on the papers per day, got such thing as promotion.

I never believe that by joining EXPO, paying $10,000~$20,000 per week got promotion, and it is every other week, OH COME ON PLEASE...

So let me conclude, there is no promotion.

To me, if it is a promotion, it has to be surpluses so that it helps the shop clear out either old stuff or unwanted stuff, this is the definition of a genuine promotion.

And then...

TILAM KING emphasis on an Honest price point.

The whole concept of Tilam King is to basically run without traditional media, and run purely on social media with the help of word of mouth.

We in return make better mattresses for the amount of money you spent.

To us, this is meaningful because consumers are no longer stupid, you know what you are buying sooner or later.

We will improve as we go on, and we will continue to innovate and gather great component supply chains to collaborate with us so that we can give our customers the very best.

Now... understand why our promotion is our Honest Price Point.

More info

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King


  1. Uhmm your showroom wasn't open on 5Nov around 4pm… maybe next time…

    1. so sorry, during 2.30pm to 4.15pm was our for some urgent matters, also due to manpower issue.

      Hopefully you can come back again, hopefully we can work something out.


  2. Thanks for replying…
    Maybe next week when my roster allows it ba…
    Am interested in the Ergo Queen - It sounds pretty firm to me.
    What's the dimensions and is it double sided (flippable) please?
    Additionally, how much is it going for (mattress alone) currently too?

    1. Hi sir,
      Deepest apologies, and million thanks for your reply.
      Yes our Ergo Series is the firmest in our showroom. It is specially tailored to be as such. We can still firm it up with my firmest setting of springs if you prefer it as well.
      The mattress is a single side pillow top, reason due to Individual pocketed springs you press the top and bottom is the same reaction.
      All you probably need to do is to rotate from top to bottom 180 degrees.

      Our price for queen is $859.

      Please come down once again to try we promise we make it up to you.
      thanks for replying once again.

  3. Thank you!
    Lay on a couple of the mattresses there in the showroom today and yes, I feel they're quite VFM, nice and plush too.
    Unfortunately, my wallet does not approve at this time.
    So sorry…
    I'll recommend your make to my friends instead! They just got the keys to a new place…

    1. Hi sir,
      Thanks so much for positive feedback.
      We as manufacturers try to do the best to what we possibly can.
      If it is not good, we do not make and sell.