Saturday 22 August 2015

Minimalism consumer approach... Mattress shopping with no "distraction".

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Singaporeans and supporters,

Consumerism is a very big and very scary disease...

We have been trying to spread the concept of minimalism and "reduce distraction".

This is pretty interesting...

a very good toothpaste example...

This video sums up of what the mattress industry is trying to do to us...

Offering you too many choices and end of the day, you forget what you are buying ...

We, TILAM KING, helps you to simplify mattresses.

When we do so, you truly understand what you are buying, and why it is created to be that way.

For example, 
a very firm mattress being very thick, some consumers think it is good. But they never think that firmness comes from the springs. Springs in science, gives support, Comfort layers in science, gives comfort. If it is a firm mattress, you should pick something that is closer to the springs(thinner) because springs are ultimately the ones giving you support, not the comfort layer. 
- Ergo Series by Tilam King

We hope consumers can get more insights on how a mattress is assembled together.


Let us summarize what we pride ourselves on...

We use top quality components that have good foothold in the industry and leverage on their big names.

Now, here is part II of the story... HARDWARE!!

The BEST quilting machine.

The BEST sewing machines.

The BEST tape-masters.

TILAM KING have been using the best quality components since 2011...

Now in 2015,
TILAM KING use only the TOP equipments in the entire industry to make our mattresses!

This is what passionate manufacturing is all about.

Now our mantra speaks for itself...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King