Monday 29 July 2013

Dear Supporters, TILAM KING will be closed on 1st to 4th August

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Tilam King will be closed on 1st to 4th and will resume on the 5th August.

Due to the great demand of Tilam King's mattresses, our stock is low again. We need to stock up again.

Be sure to check our updates on 5th August, and see what's new and coming.

We wish to say a great THANK YOU to those that not only brought home our mattress, 
but to share the awesomeness to your friends and families.

Tilam King works mostly on  referrals and believe that the public media is too expensive and pointless to compete.

Because we believe we are genuine.

Our products and service shows.

Try us to feel the value we bring to you.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Wednesday 24 July 2013

TK Luxury Series at the scenes!

TK Luxury Series by Tilam King
The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing

The most sexy embroidery 

Attention to detail

Side profile

My pride and glory

Who needs to shy away from such a lovely product, sooner or later it will be accepted by everyone.

We discuss on every detail and ways to improve ourselves.

This way we have a better understanding on making improvements every single day.


There is one thing that I hope to clarify and wish that people look at us differently.

Remember, Tilam King owns our own supply chain,

Factory -> Warehousing -> Retail outlet

These are not easy to have, so to a certain extend, we have standards.

We are not people like Interior companies, do nice nice, let you feel good on an impression. 
We are people with substance
We are just simple, and we like it that way.

But we have a flaw, just like everyone else have. That is we are stingy on marketing.

These are typical manufacturer's mindset, over the years, I still cannot forgo this mindset.

Reason being, there is 1000% pride on my products that I produce, and I stand by it.

To me, the best marketing is in each and every mattress I produce, when people bring it home, they know deep down inside there is awesomeness in what they are sleeping on.

Be gentle on us, and do give us a chance. 
Starting afresh is tough, 
big boys out there have a lot of A&P dollar.

Well I can do the same, but I believe in giving back,  because I believe everyone should deserve the best quality mattress without the crazy price tag. 

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Monday 22 July 2013

TILAM KING first year note 2013.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Friday 19 July 2013

Product Unveiling of TK Luxury Series on 14/7/2013 - Success!

A day to remember for the longest time... 14/7/13
TK Luxury Series

These 5 lovely couples took the first step to witness the unveiling...

the long awaited...
the so desirable...
the super comfy...
the so luxurious...
the so awesome...
the so sexy...


TK Luxury Series

There is no media, because there is no need to invite them, they want money more then news.

There is nothing extra, only everything we needed, which are real people bringing back the mattresses home.


Tilam King would rather gain more satisfaction then attention.

It is my choice to be a little thrifty and do what's right, which is to not to be stingy and put the best components together!

This is 2013 already. 
Now a days people are all educated. 

Humans learn how to judge for themselves...

Action speaks louder then words. 

Understand it...

and get amazed...

*ps, just by looking at the faces of people, when they lay down on my mattress makes me happy.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Wednesday 17 July 2013

How to maintain and clean your Mattress the TILAM KING way.

This is a dedication to all those victims of "professional mattress cleaning services".
~May your money be spent wisely by the companies.

How much does it cost to have a CLEAN MATTRESS?

Cleanliness starts from yourself.
- for goodness sake please bathe before lying down on your mattress.
- pets are lovely, but if you do not bathe him/her often or often bring him/her out for a walk, please know that they bring back ticks and bucks etc.
- clean your sheets and protector every week (some people do not wash the protector *OMG)

This is the 1st step of healthy sleeping.


Now for the 2nd step.

I apologize all companies whom earn a living from cleaning people's mattress.

If any idiot recommends you steam heating your mattress, that guy is pure stupid or he is just out there to earn your money outright without thinking about your outcome.
That is just pathetic.

Steam is hot vapor, after it cools, it becomes moisture, and it will be trapped in the mattress.
Moisture + years of collective bacteria = unhealthy max (you do not wanna know what it will become)

This is just one example.

Got some people VACUUM with a kickass expensive vacuum cleaner, this is a good thing.
they forget to clean the cleaning head after each mattress that they have cleaned.

1000 dirty mattress + one cleaning head(never cleaned) = MAXIMUM dirty on your mattress.


Now let me teach you the REAL way. The TILAM KING way.

No one will teach you because it is the best way, yet so easy, so they cannot earn money out from you, because you can DIY.

Get a cheapo dry IRON. *not those kind with spray kind, those old school kind.

Let me get you a picture.

Cover your mattress with your bedsheet and turn up the iron, make sure it is hot!

Do your mattress like how you do your clothes.

Bacteria dies at high temps. This is the easiest way to "clean" your mattress with dry heat.

And people cannot charge you money for this easy step.

Hence, this is not told to you, just because, no money can be earned from this.


OK, after sharing with you such a good way to clean your mattress.

Please spread the TILAM KING love, share this TILAM KING method with your friends.

Make sure you do this every 3 months at least.

If there is a need to, I can do a video on how to do it. 


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing,
- Tilam King

Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Container has arrived~~! The Flagship has arrived!

Team Container Unloader
just the small items :P

many thanks to my cuz Dr. Nelson Fong(extreme right, a Professional Chiropractor) and Dylan my good buddy, and of cause their lovely girlfriends YJ & Miss Mauritius 2013. 

Uncle Johny clearing up the container.

So much stuff in it to unload o.0...

Finally it's done.


Right now,

the long awaited...
the so desirable...
the so comfy...
the so luxurious...
the so awesome...
the so sexy...
is finalllllllllllllllllllllllly here~~~~!

Trust me. 
No one will dare bet their life on an awesome mattress until today.

And one more thing... 
(Copyright Steve Jobs, *salute to him* hehe)

My New Individual Pocketed Springs Pillow

Latex Wrapped 

The example of a Individual Pocketed Spring system inside the pillow.

"Someone" is selling it for almost S$290. I do not know whom, but there is "Someone" :P

Tilam King believes in bringing the best for you for less.

Reason 1. This concept of pillow combines the bounciness of the latex + resilient pocketed springs = The Pillow will never ever sag or lose shape due to wear and tear, unless abuse.

Reason 2. S$200++ for something good is a luxury, but TILAM KING brings Luxury to everyone @ S$100 only ;)

Reason 3. I like to learn from the best.


The True Manufacturer, with the utmost respect for Mattresses and Consumers.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King