Monday 30 July 2012

Tilam King is barely 2 months old and we are already close to 3k hits!

Tilam King is barely 2 months old and we are already close to 3k hits!
We are a Mattresses & Beddings manufacturer using only the very best components!
We keep our factory CLEAN so that our products come problem free!
Only the best springs from Leggett&Platt are used!
We are proud of our products!!!
- Tilam King

This is what it was before... not too long ago...

This is how we have transformed...

Lets not forget our very first!!! Our number 1 :)

and of cause, how could I miss out our number 1 celeb :)
Also personally my favourite. *shy* hehe :X

We are here because of you! You are the reason why we work so hard to do the very best!
Thanks to all that have supported us, and gave us your blessings! I'm so touched sometimes to receive an sms of encouragement... You guys rock!

- Tilam King
*Everyone deserves a good night sleep on the best quality mattress they can ever own, 

Saturday 28 July 2012

Advert on STRAITS TIMES : HOME B8 (Keeping our ads small means a lot to us)

Keeping our ads small really means a lot to us...

I keep my ads small so I can deliver the best value to you!!! 

I never believe that if I sell you cheap and have FULL PAGES of ADs... that's just ridiculous ;)

- Tilam King

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Dawn Yang's search for Linens, Pillows and mattress over @ TILAM KING :)

Happy to have guest star Dawn Yang and Friven&Co.'s taokey Mr David to be in my showroom.

This picture is a keepers for the longest time!! :) Thanks Dawn for being such a sport!

- Tilam King

Keeping ads small means a lot to Tilam King...

Keeping ads small means a lot to Tilam King.
Our savings in advertising cost, is then transferred to our customers. Trust me, by visiting us, you'll be impressed with your own eyes!!!
We believe in offering everyone in Singapore a great deal in terms of Mattress, because it is so important as everyone needs to sleep well!!! We don't wish you to be sleeping & worrying about the huge price tag, THAT IS TORTURING!!!
We have loads of awesome products on display, be it Pillows, Linens, Mattress Protector, Mattresses, Bed sets. Please give us your precious time and do give us a chance, I'll promise this experience will be not only excitingly educational, but very logical and reasonable. :)


Wednesday 18 July 2012

Mattress Key Ingredient...

others can only tell you how much money they spend on advertising...

I can only tell you how much time and effort I fork out for each product we produce...

We let you be our judge...

- Tilam King

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tilam King's Current Promotion

We give what you wish to have, not what you need ;)

Silk Fibre Pillows (as seen in 5 star hotels)
Memory Foam Pillows (our pillows will let u notice the difference by holding)
Natural Latex (our heavy weight pillow, feel the difference!!!)

Fitted mattress protectors
(only big brands like the 3 Ss are willing to give ONLY IF YOU purchase their 2,000 above mattresses)

Come experience us, we strive to be the most Genuine & Generous! The advertisement will be on Saturday 21th July 2012.

Do come down to experience it for yourself!

Challenge accepted!
If you are not satisfied, name us your reason, and still walk away with a gift. No purchase required.

- Tilam King

Saturday 14 July 2012

THE STRAITS TIMES - LIFE! E28 ( do check us out )

if you happen to see it, cut it out, visit us, and we will reward you for doing so :)

- Tilam King

Thursday 12 July 2012

Crazy Saturday Promotion ;) We hope you can spot us ;)

Cut this out and we will have a special gift specially for you! ;)

More Crazy Promotions in stalls!

Mattresses from $299!

Mattress set from $599! - Hotel Spec!

MAD Lady Americana SALES~~! FURTHER REDUCTION OF more then -50%!

Dunlopillo awesome SALES~~!!

TILAM KING's very own series of mattresses for people whom requires more support!!

We are the most GENUINE retailer ever in Singapore. I can promise you this!

- Tilam King

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Legget & Platt ComfortCore Springs Video

Comfort Core Pocketed Springs

Leggett & Platt Las Vegas Showroom 2012

Introduction on Leggett & Platt Co.

Monday 9 July 2012

How Tilam King Mattresses are made? Real Life Pictures ;) enjoy.

Selection of Materials
White Foam
Memory Foam Quilt
Convoluted Foam

8 cm Foam strips for Foam Edge

Leggett & Platt Springs -
Original Pocketed Springs by Leggett & Platt

Putting it together
Foam encasement 8cm wide
Clean White Felt is added on top and bottom of the spring

Bottom Fabric

Adding the Pillow-top edges

Added the BREATHABLE side fabrics
After Taping the bottom...
Fluffy Foam is added for the pillow top

Charcoal Fabric is added on top of the mattress, ready for taping.

The Final Outcome

Final product ;)

Was away for a week, FOR A GOOD REASON! (Awesome News)

A whole new series of Pocketed Spring Mattresses will arrive month end!

We measure for optimum FENGSHUI ;)

We hand pick for optimum comfort and support!

Don't hear us say all this, we are too detailed that 

I promise you we are the most dedicated bunch alive that really respect sleep. 

We will make Singaporeans happier ;)