Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Story begins... Our very first video...

Our small company, show casing our small factory.
It also shows other kinds of things we do.

Tilam King stays true to it's VISION & MISSION.

Our Vision:
To allow all Singaporeans afford really good QUALITY mattresses at the best VALUE!

Our Mission:
To let our consumers CLEARLY understand what mattress is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.

We pride ourselves as a dedicated and passionate Manufacturer. That is why we have work together with Global companies before. Those were when my father is in charge.

Right now, I am building up my own foundation, bringing more value and quality products to the end user.
I too hope to work with companies that requires a DEDICATED and PASSIONATE manufacturer.

Trust me my emphasis on these 2 words are real. Not many Singaporeans can afford to be dedicated and passionate in the mattress business like how I can be.

Let my products and concepts prove it.

Tilam King :)

Friday 8 February 2013

GONG XI FA CAI everyone! TILAM KING will reopen on 23/2/13

Dear Everybody~ GONG XI FA CAI! HUAT AR!

This is the time of the year where everyone gets to celebrate with our love ones, our close ones, our family and our friends.

We wish everyone to have a Happy holidays! to those that do not celebrate CNY, and GONG XI FA CAI to those that celebrate CNY :)

2012 have been a great year, we are looking forward to 2013. TILAM KING promises more exciting products and involvement to create awareness. We hope you guys can support us, not just when you are looking for mattresses, but also, to improve your sleep as a whole.

I will hope to touch on 2-3mins short segments of video clips on how to make your sleep better from a Singaporean standpoint.

I realize there are many people whom do not understand the meaning and importance of sleep.

Our Company Video shot will be ready soon, so please do check it out once it's out ;)

Cheers everyone to whom you supported us, and encouraged us along this journey...

I sincerely thank you and to all your families...

Have a great weekend, have a great holiday, GONG XI FA CAI.


*note that we will be reopening only on the 23/2/13.

Sunday 3 February 2013

The Story... the Video... the Photos... stay tuned... TILAM KING

Dear fellow Singaporeans, 

I was away to embark on my journey to do a small video clip about my factory and about my mattresses.

This is my Crew, left to right - Tony, Jesper (Filming Director), Dylan (Camera 1), Dou (Camera 2).

Being someone green in doing videos, my journey was very interesting. Loads of laughter and fun while I was doing, I hope to present to you guys how much I love what I'm doing ;)

Now is year 2013, CNY is right around the corner. TILAM KING hopes to achieve great recognition about our passion and love for what we do. Be it online sales and online marketing we will do what it takes to reach out, of cause within our small little budget.

I am confident that my friends whom knows me will be impressed with my content and I hope that they can share what they like online VIA facebook & twitter or blog about it.

TILAM KING is not about money spending on A&P, TILAM KING is a company that proves to Singaporeans that passion strives and hardwork will create a small niche for ourselves.

I hope one fine day someone big in this industry will identify TILAM KING as an official OEMer for them. I'm sure that they cant possibly find anyone as good at what they do with mattresses and as passionate with mattresses anymore in this small country ;)

I have not been updating my advertisements lately because I was really busy planning my photoshoots and videos.

Give me and my team some time to consolidate our masterpieces and hope to present to everyone greater understanding about TILAM KING and what we are about ;)

Wishing everyone a great CNY. HUAT AR!