Wednesday 29 January 2014

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2014! GONG XI FA CAI! - We will be opened on 9/2/14 (Sunday)

Dear fellow friends and supporters,

We want to wish everyone a great Lunar New Year~!

Thanks to those that showed great graciousness and supported us~! Our passion for mattress cannot be for-filled if no one were to support us.

Thanks to great friends whom took the initiative to help us spread the love!

Thanks to great clients even, to go beyond their generosity to bring their entire family and relatives to give us a chance to satisfy their mattresses and bedding needs.

We will improve further and aim to be the best alternative solution besides the mainstream brands.

Our core will be kept as a boutique factory, to constantly make beautiful mattresses that supersede expectations!

Thanks for letting us continue to do what we love to do best!

 The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 19 January 2014

The truth about Tilam King, we are not perfect. Our self reflection.

Dear fellow Supporters and friends,

We wish to thank every single one whom supported us! You do not need to purchase to support us, by understanding us, LIKEing us on Facebook, or updating yourself with our progress through our blog, all these meant the world to us.

We are blessed with friends and supporters that give us maximum support.

We were shocked to realized that people actually accept us for whom we are. 
We appreciate it 100% sincerely.

We were overwhelmed by the great support our fellow friends and supporters gave us.

We learn, we had new lessons, we now know where are our weaknesses, and in 2014 these are some of the things that I feel I should state out to be fair for everyone.

We did screw up in several ways.



You see, some of our advantage is actually a dual edge sword.

We hire our own logistics, to keep our transport lower.

But our traditional management approach was not good enough to accept changes.

When clients make changes with the dates, we often mis-communicate. 

That is why we often reemphasize 5days advance. So we have ample time to make changes.

We also end up we over worked them, and end up very difficult to arrange for deliveries.

We often got mis-communicated and somehow rather miss out or didn't deliver on time.

Year end, our lorries are constantly at 100% (we share the lorry with my dad's co)

We reckon that the stated are the minorities, but we still take it seriously.

Some of our clients have no mattress to sleep for a few days :( our bad.

Some families waited for long hours for their mattresses.

But these are all part and parcel of year end crazy traffic flow.

Possible Solutions

Do not change the delivery date perhaps :P Or put it earlier and then change it to a later date, so the goods is in my storage and as and when you are ready, we can deliver.

Maybe put some "chilli and garlic in the gardens so will not rain, as told by PM Lee"

Rain is scary for traffic, this will definitely delay deliveries. :(



Our main concerns are actually those that faced problems with the bedframes.

Well, I being a typical Singaporean...

Kiasu and all...

People advertising free bedframes, and etc...

I push my suppliers hard to also give me a good package so I can offer limited sets of free bedframes too.

The reality is, people are quoting 3k , 3.5k , 5k 

then free bedframe...

We had free bedframe from $799 onwards... So sick, but true...

We tried to bring the same privilege to our supporters and felt some repercussions.

The frames that some of my clients received for free, have noises after months of usage.

Again, we still have to react accordingly to solve problems with our clients as the item given "was from" Tilam King.

Sad but true...

We have decided in the years to come, no more free bedframe.

These things haunt us :/

Lessons Learnt

Our Frames are already cheaper then ANYwhere with high level of customization.

kiang tio ho, mai gei kiang. Stop pressurizing ourselves to be even more competitive.
Our product speaks for itself, our clients can see it and understand it themselves.
Pressured decisions sometimes is a poor decision. And true enough, heading towards to bandwagon of giving free bedframe was a really compromised item. This will do damage to only ourselves.
Some clients even if they know they are getting a good deal, just constantly want more.
Have to know where the line is.


We have to learn how to turn down special request.

Being a small company, we are often taken advantage of. Trust me, we have been in this industry for so long, we know how other company works and how they handle things.

We are 100% sure that no one can replicate us in terms of going the extra mile.

There was this scenario that we felt we were silly to agree on.


The delivery date is confirmed.

No calls to make changes or what so ever.

Delivery was made.

House flooring wasn't ready, and was asked to put it on the first floor first, as the rooms flooring wasn't ready.

Remember all these are happening during our peak periods, where time is really crucial to us. Our delivery guys constantly worked overtime till 10pm.

The client plead us to come next week again to do installation and  move up to the 2nd floor into the rooms.

We agreed to do so, but as a company, we will not charge our client, but we request for the client to tip $50 to our hardworking delivery team of 3 people.

Probably our delivery team attitude maybe not so good as they install and move the items into the rooms. (Probably because my guys been to this client house for 3 times already)
The situation turned sour and we got blamed that our guys aren't pleasant and client refuse to tip, hence these turned even more sour.

My guys ultimately got tipped and left the client's place.

Lessons learnt

1. We are not a mover service. The above situation by right, is out of reach to us. We can say no to the request. We should let our supplier handle and not our own delivery guys. My guys were just too nice to help out the client.

2. We only provide free delivery for our products to one location. Another will only be a good will. We also have the rights to refuse to deliver multiple locations.

3. When it is peak period, cannot accept special request, must learn to turn down. Because of our work load, it is hard to slot in a time frame to do such small requests, there are many many other deliveries waiting to be delivered.

4. We have to understand delivery team people are typically uneducated and a little rough, because of so, they are capable and have great strength to carry items of such weight like a mattress and frames. If they are educated and not rough, I, Tony Tan, will bet my life and my company, no one will sign up for the job. 


We hope you guys can understand us further with this honest post. 

The reason why I do this is because I believe our kind and awesome supporters have over-hyped us tremendously.

We are starting to feel the pressure and the level of expectation is set too high for us.

We wish to reemphasize, our most expensive mattress we are able to charge is $1.8k for a king size TK Luxury Series.




ALSO Please note that we do not own or make any bedframes, they are supplied by suppliers.

We do some frames but they are more expensive as compared to the ones supplied by suppliers.

Hence we do not sell them often.

But please do note of our level of expectations of quality.


Please do understand our lack of service standards... reason is because we everything also rely on limited man power.

We promise to increase our manpower so long as we find the right person to fill in the job.

We cannot and will not anyhow fill in anyone just because we need help.

We will fill in one that is also passionate about mattresses.

Because we care and respect the most in the Mattress Industry.

We believe we are the only company to disclose our faults publicly and yes, we are not perfect.

Being genuine requires strength!
Show some graciousness and appreciation by supporting us!

In the mean time, have a great 2014 ahead and have a wonderful coming Lunar New Year!

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Thursday 9 January 2014

Lunar New Year is coming~! (28th Jan 2014 - 9 Feb 2014 Break)

Dear Supporters, Friends and fellow Singaporeans,

Tilam King had created history in the Mattress Industry. 2013 was a Revelation.

We influenced a change in the industry.

We broke all the statues-quo in the industry.

We demystify all the marketing jargons to every consumer.

We made Mattress simple to understand.

We made consumers save money.


CNY is a special occasion. It is the only time where Chinese people all around the world rest.

It is a time where any bosses pay high salaries, yet people still say NO to overtime.

It is just a time to take a break.

Tilam King will be closed on 28th Jan until 9th Feb.

We will take this well deserved break.

We believed we have been well accepted and we are sure that many of our clients are having the best moments of their life sleeping ;)


We have rushed finish our Hotel project goods.

Ladies & Gentlemen, proud to announce...

HOTEL SERIES by Tilam King

This will be a staple item under Tilam King's inventory.

The concept of making a one and unique item all across different hotel platforms will be a dream for me.

Soon we will also include the whole package.

Down synthetic Pillows aka Silk Fiber Pillows

100% Cotton Mattress Protector

Premium Hotel Quality Cotton Sateen sheets

This concept will be similar to bringing the hotel experience home ;)

Don't believe it? Go to the particular hotel to try it out :P

1000% fool proof.

The hotel will also be carrying 4-5 pieces of my premium TK LUXURY SERIES.

We also wish to work with several hotel owners to showcase more of our products so that Singaporeans can have a proper night on it, before the decision to buy.

The idea is slowly turning into reality.

I really appreciate how this boss entrust his baby project to me. Because in my heart there were so many different competitors and many hotel owners that I have been proposing, only pick the lowest bidder.

Well Tilam King has a philosophy, if I owner of Tilam King will not sleep on that piece of mattress, I will not make that mattress.
Hence I WILL be more expensive then competition.


But I can assure that it will be a proper no nonsense Mattress.

Boutique Hotels nowadays are searching for great mattresses. But often fail to find a proper source that actually understands about mattresses. We are proud to be able to get into a nice boutique hotel in such a short period of time after starting up.

All I can say is really, thank god for all the graciousness that is given to me...

Tilam King is good where it is now, we hope to bring more happiness into Singapore and hopefully Malaysia(next target).

Lastly, we hope to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! Eat more! Take more AngBaos! and spread the love throughout the year!


Our last delivery is 25th January.

Mattresses we have ready stock.

Unfortunately beds cannot be delivered before CNY anymore.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King