Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Concept of PILLOW ADVERTISING... First project success 25/9/2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen...

Yes... we am in a boring industry.

But, what if we made it not so boring...

Yes... mattress is for zzz, so it is zzz...

Yes... pillows are for zzz, also it is zzz...

What if we made a pillow that can speak a thousand words?


Imagine going to an event.

Many people, say 500 people... Held in the atrium of a shopping mall.

So normally what happens?

Let me tell you what typically happens.

GianPengNo1 says, "eh... there got event, lets go man... sure got free gift."

You as the company give them Corporate Gifts like, pen :( , paper bag with a bunch of unwanted materials :(, vouchers which you probably don't even use yourself :(... 



Remember, you give someone good stuff, they are your walking advertisements. 
They will also always remember you just because you gave them something that they like.

EVERY SINGLE SINGAPOREAN, unless they do not have the KSGP in them, 


To date, in SEPTEMBER 2013.

THERE ISN'T an effective gift or item or ANYTHING

that can create an IMPACT. PERIOD.

Come to TILAM KING, we make unique pillows for you that 


that they use it for at least 6 months.

In terms of IMPACT, we mean it...


Imagine, 500 people in your event.

500 Unique PILLOWS FOC for them.




THEY WALK, God bless Singapore.

The Pillows become the attention seeking item on their arm, just because they know, at home, their current pillows are either too smelly already, or time to change new.


Statistics have shown, that more then 60% of the population DO NOT BUY Pillows.

They will only buy mattresses, and use the ones that come free with the mattress, and use for as long as they use until they change the mattress... sad but true.

When you give them a pillow, YOU SAVED THEM.



Tilam King has a dedicated team of people, to address all this issues for you.

You provide us the art work, or we can, and we make it happen for you.

We will make sure that your events will be BOOMSHOCKINGLY MASSIVE, 

with your corporate colors,

with your LOGOs,

with your proud clients or clients-to-be carrying your PILLOWS with a GLORIOUS smile on their faces.






The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing.
Tilam King

* if you wondered, YES, we make pillows too ;)

So OEM, ODM, Custom pillows can be made to your requirements and expectations.

Whops who was it that does pocketed spring pillow again?

We also know :P

Hiak Hiak Hiak...

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Guess what, TK Luxury Series is in the house... Literally... ;)

hohoho, I say it like I mean it.

TK Luxury Series is the Best...


I designed it,
I handpicked the materials for it,
I created it,
I sleep on it.

For Singaporeans by Singaporeans, baby...

Name me one person whom believes in their own mattress and knows how to design a mattress, whom has the facility to make their own mattress, and sleep on their own mattress and be able to claim that it is the best?

TK Luxury Series will change how the whole industry look at mattress.

10cm Natural Latex Pillow Top + Individual Pocketed Springs

Total height 33cm / 13inches

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

* I put myself into each and every word I say. 
"This is the best mattress yet,
because I sleep on it." - Tony Tan, 2013

Friday 20 September 2013

Today is my bday~! My thoughts about Tilam King on this special day.

Dear fellow supporters and Singaporeans,

Really amazing how I got so far today in Tilam King.

At first I started out Tilam King purely on a try concept. Because too many people are having the mindset of "more expensive sure better".

So being the alternative, there were many challenges.

1. Location - My location over at 8 New Industrial Road wasn't the best location

2. Funds - I had limited start up capital, so hence I kept it simple and clean

3. HR - I had trouble looking for credible people helping me because the company was new, business wasn't good at the beginning

4. Idea- I didn't have a clear direction to what I am going to do for my product range, because I do not really know whether will my concepts work.

Everything was a try and see then we know.

All I had was just passion for what I love doing, which is to make good mattresses and explaining to people how we actually made them, with our concepts and view points.

I am really glad that people actually came without even knowing what I have, they all just simply came in to my shop and say "I am going to buy from you just because you are Singaporean, and I read about your blog, and I like your ideas."

This motivates me a ton of a lot.

Honestly, what I was thinking and doing was actually to do my very best, because I do not have millions of SGD a year to throw out there in the media.

I just make sure that the stuff I made was of good quality and made sure I do good research and make it at a right price point.
I am very sure now, that my products moves people.

In Tilam King, we strongly believe that our Mattresses are the BEST Marketing tool. We are proud of how our clients feel about us as a company, and love our products.

Thanks for all the support, we will continue to do our very best to upkeep the standards, although many times we have to say, we are really not perfect, please understand.

1. Suppliers - In Singapore, we try our best to source the most reliable and reasonable suppliers so we can keep our prices low. But they are also not perfect. So sometimes cannot deliver on time.

2. HR - We have really little staff, so please understand that we also trying our best to accomplish your requested.

In the future, what we can expect to see is, EXPANSION.

We are looking hard to accomplish North South East West strategy in terms of location.

East - 8 New Industrial Road being the main office and have a wide range of low to high end stuff.

I hope to get into shopping centers as since I do not do traditional media, the money saved can allow me to enter malls with big traffic to compete with the mainstream brands.

We also looking for honest like minded people to join us in our small crew.

We hope to find people that are genuine, honest, and not greedy. hahaha I know right, hard to find.

 oh well if have just email me or something.

Tilam King is probably the MOST Passionate Mattress Manufacturer alive. Period.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Sunday 15 September 2013

The Container arrived~! New mattresses and new models hit shores ;)

After all the rainy days...

The moment has come...

Someone already knew that our container is coming...

and it didn't rain...

thank god for that :P

Anyways we had to unload the 85 pieces of mattresses into our space.

Here are some of the pictures of the unloading...

After breaking the seal...

Waiting to be carried into TILAM KING...

More mattresses...

Piles of mattresses ;)

Yes, that's how we do it, 85 of it... 

Perspiration, sore back, but fulfilling... 

The UNVEILING... of...

Not gonna tell you yet...

More of these will come as Tilam King improves in time to come.


Just to share with our fellow supporters and friends what it is like being in this industry.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing,
- Tilam King

Thursday 5 September 2013

The Real Concept behind TK.

The Real Concept of TK Series of mattresses.

Many people asked, "hey tony what is the difference between a regular mattress and a luxury mattress?"

My reply was, "Well a regular mattress is a need, a Luxury mattress is a want. So typically Luxury mattresses is not needed."

But why do Tilam King built such good mattresses for what?


People know the difference between what's good and what's not, people can feel the difference, even if it is not required, but the option to take the better makes more sense.

There are ahem* brands out there making use of this "feeling" to make crazy prices.

SGD$10,000 ~ to SGD$100,000


Got some joker really does this kind of nonsense.

I am not saying that it is not good, the fact is all Luxury mattresses are just wants.

So typically, it is not required to spend TONS of hard earn money on it.

Do you need $100,000 worth of mattress?

People have come to visit Tilam King, our mission is to let people understand more about mattress construction before letting you decide on which mattress is good for you.

We find it crucial because like all human beings, we are innocent.

I am innocent too, I do not wish to be slaughtered alive just because I do not know about a certain product. I share the same thoughts and value with everyone that breathes.

Is there people whom feels for a brand so solid that actually feels that customers need first ?

Doing what we do requires lots of support.

We feel that we put our customers in a right position.

You get educated from a REAL mattress manufacturer,

remember mattress is very important, everyone needs it.

We try to do our best to give you the best.

My manufacturing philosophy is what I believe in:

1. To make a good mattress that can sells for $100,000 to me is a no brainer, I simply put all the best together. I probably can fly around the world to get the best materials of each country.

2. To make a mattress that sells for $10,000 also is a no brainer to me, I also put good things together. I still can fly around, but not as extravagant.

3. To make a mattress that is good yet of a reasonable value, yet is comparative to something that worth much more, I find this challenging and exciting.

My spending philosophy as a consumer:

1. If I spend $100,000 for a mattress, I expect to fly  when I sleep. (just kidding, you can't fly when you sleep)

2. If I spend $10,000 for a mattress, I expect to have 10000000000000000000000000000000000% good sleep, which is actually not possible. Because good sleep is the well being of your mental state, not because of the mattress. 

3. If I pay less for something and get more for something, my heart feels good, JUST BECAUSE.
You will share with the world about your adventure.

To me, Tilam King is an adventure. 
Doing it the way which put smiles on people faces, make others feel real and genuine about what they own.

That is why I choose not to advertise anymore, I feel that my clients should be well informed about what is in the advertisements before coming to look for us. 

I believe that socially we are truly bringing the best to people.

The best advertising, is in our product, you get to feel the difference the moment you try it. 

Being genuine, requires great support!

Please do not get offended by any of the above comments, I'm just being real.

TK Luxury Series

TK Premiere Series
Coming soon in September ;)

TK *yet to be revealed*

Tilam King is probably the most knowledgeable and practical in terms of Mattress.

Try us, we let you decide...

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

Tilam King Change of EMAIL address.

Dear fellow supporters,

Tilam King has been using since it all happened.

But right now, we wish to change to

That is where Tilam King wish to grow into and be availble hopefully all around asia.

Please change your contact list if you have added us, because 28th Sept will officially unsub the email address.

Thanks so much for all the inquires



I love to answer questions so that you can understand more about mattresses.

Thanks & love,

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King