Monday, 30 July 2012

Tilam King is barely 2 months old and we are already close to 3k hits!

Tilam King is barely 2 months old and we are already close to 3k hits!
We are a Mattresses & Beddings manufacturer using only the very best components!
We keep our factory CLEAN so that our products come problem free!
Only the best springs from Leggett&Platt are used!
We are proud of our products!!!
- Tilam King

This is what it was before... not too long ago...

This is how we have transformed...

Lets not forget our very first!!! Our number 1 :)

and of cause, how could I miss out our number 1 celeb :)
Also personally my favourite. *shy* hehe :X

We are here because of you! You are the reason why we work so hard to do the very best!
Thanks to all that have supported us, and gave us your blessings! I'm so touched sometimes to receive an sms of encouragement... You guys rock!

- Tilam King
*Everyone deserves a good night sleep on the best quality mattress they can ever own, 

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