Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thanks for all the support and encouragement! Deeply appreciated! - TILAM KING

Wow, really deeply touched today when I get to meet some amazing people.

One lovely old couple whom were very cheerful and bubbly were at TILAM KING with the help of their wonderful daughter :P
Her daughter help them searched TILAM KING on the web and stated that "we have many good compliments and great experiences from our customers" ;) 

When I hear that I almost teared hahaha... Very touching to know that my efforts can reach out so far.
Honestly this industry is very challenging and it is really difficult to survive when everyone is having a price war. Thankfully with all our customer's support and encouragement I feel motivated to bring more to the plate. And continue making great awesome products that will be of great value and the best quality anyone could ever expect.

That is what TILAM KING is all about.

Another nice family came to visit, and really encouraged me with great support! He and his family said he is privileged to see a succession in a family business. hehe... Well it is true.

I hope to do well in this industry and make the better of the platform I already have.

Since I have the whole supply chain all to myself, I could really spin out some really fantastic mattresses at the best Value and of cause the utmost best Quality!

 One fine day, TILAM KING hopes to represent the Singapore flag to compete against all in the industry ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful support and encouragement! Deeply appreciated!


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