Tuesday, 15 January 2013

TILAM KING's called upon reservist, the nation calls.

Dear Singaporeans,
I'll be in reservist during 4th Jan 2013 to 19th Jan 2013 for my Atec. It will be a last yet a meaningful outcome.

During my absence, my dad Mr Vincent Tan will be standing in for me.

He is a pioneer in the Mattress Industry and have more then 3 decades of experience. He knows best on what a mattress is all about and is the best possible candidate to recommend which mattress are suitable for you. No body in Singapore knows mattress like he does, period.

I'm sure you guys will get to enjoy the presence of having such an experienced person to advice you.

In the mean time, click on our current promotion tile to understand what's on for offer and trust me, stocks are running low.

We are proud to say that our $399 pocketed spring mattress that have 100% positive feedback and is now sold out!
We will take orders, but do expect a delivery only around april to restock.

A lot of our Lady Americana products have too been sold out as well as we priced them to be much lower then market price. Those that bought knows the value.

I would like to thank everyone for the support! And hopefully soon when you guys think of mattresses you guys think of TILAM KING ;)

Thanks to my dad as well for standing in.
Nation calls no choice ;p luv u dad <3

Best regards,
Tony Tan

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