Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Story begins... Our very first video...

Our small company, show casing our small factory.
It also shows other kinds of things we do.

Tilam King stays true to it's VISION & MISSION.

Our Vision:
To allow all Singaporeans afford really good QUALITY mattresses at the best VALUE!

Our Mission:
To let our consumers CLEARLY understand what mattress is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.

We pride ourselves as a dedicated and passionate Manufacturer. That is why we have work together with Global companies before. Those were when my father is in charge.

Right now, I am building up my own foundation, bringing more value and quality products to the end user.
I too hope to work with companies that requires a DEDICATED and PASSIONATE manufacturer.

Trust me my emphasis on these 2 words are real. Not many Singaporeans can afford to be dedicated and passionate in the mattress business like how I can be.

Let my products and concepts prove it.

Tilam King :)

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  1. Do you have tempur pillows? Drop me a line at 96935624. Thanks.