Wednesday, 24 July 2013

TK Luxury Series at the scenes!

TK Luxury Series by Tilam King
The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing

The most sexy embroidery 

Attention to detail

Side profile

My pride and glory

Who needs to shy away from such a lovely product, sooner or later it will be accepted by everyone.

We discuss on every detail and ways to improve ourselves.

This way we have a better understanding on making improvements every single day.


There is one thing that I hope to clarify and wish that people look at us differently.

Remember, Tilam King owns our own supply chain,

Factory -> Warehousing -> Retail outlet

These are not easy to have, so to a certain extend, we have standards.

We are not people like Interior companies, do nice nice, let you feel good on an impression. 
We are people with substance
We are just simple, and we like it that way.

But we have a flaw, just like everyone else have. That is we are stingy on marketing.

These are typical manufacturer's mindset, over the years, I still cannot forgo this mindset.

Reason being, there is 1000% pride on my products that I produce, and I stand by it.

To me, the best marketing is in each and every mattress I produce, when people bring it home, they know deep down inside there is awesomeness in what they are sleeping on.

Be gentle on us, and do give us a chance. 
Starting afresh is tough, 
big boys out there have a lot of A&P dollar.

Well I can do the same, but I believe in giving back,  because I believe everyone should deserve the best quality mattress without the crazy price tag. 

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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