Friday, 20 September 2013

Today is my bday~! My thoughts about Tilam King on this special day.

Dear fellow supporters and Singaporeans,

Really amazing how I got so far today in Tilam King.

At first I started out Tilam King purely on a try concept. Because too many people are having the mindset of "more expensive sure better".

So being the alternative, there were many challenges.

1. Location - My location over at 8 New Industrial Road wasn't the best location

2. Funds - I had limited start up capital, so hence I kept it simple and clean

3. HR - I had trouble looking for credible people helping me because the company was new, business wasn't good at the beginning

4. Idea- I didn't have a clear direction to what I am going to do for my product range, because I do not really know whether will my concepts work.

Everything was a try and see then we know.

All I had was just passion for what I love doing, which is to make good mattresses and explaining to people how we actually made them, with our concepts and view points.

I am really glad that people actually came without even knowing what I have, they all just simply came in to my shop and say "I am going to buy from you just because you are Singaporean, and I read about your blog, and I like your ideas."

This motivates me a ton of a lot.

Honestly, what I was thinking and doing was actually to do my very best, because I do not have millions of SGD a year to throw out there in the media.

I just make sure that the stuff I made was of good quality and made sure I do good research and make it at a right price point.
I am very sure now, that my products moves people.

In Tilam King, we strongly believe that our Mattresses are the BEST Marketing tool. We are proud of how our clients feel about us as a company, and love our products.

Thanks for all the support, we will continue to do our very best to upkeep the standards, although many times we have to say, we are really not perfect, please understand.

1. Suppliers - In Singapore, we try our best to source the most reliable and reasonable suppliers so we can keep our prices low. But they are also not perfect. So sometimes cannot deliver on time.

2. HR - We have really little staff, so please understand that we also trying our best to accomplish your requested.

In the future, what we can expect to see is, EXPANSION.

We are looking hard to accomplish North South East West strategy in terms of location.

East - 8 New Industrial Road being the main office and have a wide range of low to high end stuff.

I hope to get into shopping centers as since I do not do traditional media, the money saved can allow me to enter malls with big traffic to compete with the mainstream brands.

We also looking for honest like minded people to join us in our small crew.

We hope to find people that are genuine, honest, and not greedy. hahaha I know right, hard to find.

 oh well if have just email me or something.

Tilam King is probably the MOST Passionate Mattress Manufacturer alive. Period.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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