Saturday, 26 July 2014

TILAM KING is revamping. *Blog view almost 200,000 views *Facebook 5,700 LIKES *Thousands of satisfied customers. *Less then 10 Unsatisfied customers.

Dear Supporters and fellow friends,

Tilam King had gone a long way... So long that we have built upon a IMPOSSIBLE BUSINESS MODEL, and made it POSSIBLE.


We had bring JOY into understanding MATTRESSES, which was then IMPOSSIBLE to understand.

We made it happen just simply because we love our industry more then anyone else possible.

We start by saying that we do have unhappy customers. We ain't perfect. Mostly are bed-frames delay or installation problems, which are then fixed by my suppliers. BUT THE HEATED ones are mostly on LOGISTICS.

You noticed the sad smiley face in the front and back of the words. I honestly tell you guys we do not know how to improve our LOGISTICS. If we engage a software team to implement, our current guys will not be able to understand and use. If we hire new people, not many young Singaporeans will honor and respect this position long term, mostly because MOVER companies are earning way moreeee then delivery teams of our sort of companies. We only can pray and hope that this kind of situation do not often cause hiccups.
*We open suggestions on how to improve our logistics -
We like to hear from you ;)


Okay, enough of the unhappy things, lets move on to something more interesting.
First and foremost we are redoing our flooring. We are committed to make our showroom more presentable and to further showcase our commitment to our mattresses.

Yea... I know chinese 7 month is around the corner, which we are intending to take this time to do our RENO. 
All our lights will be Energy Saving LEDs, nothing fluorescent is used to reduce heat and energy usage.

Do note that we will be open during our RENO process. It maybe dirty, and untidy, but we wish to share the process with all our clients and supporters.

We are very excited to bring the new look to our future and our supporting clients.

We also will launch our new website really soon in August.

We hope to T.O.P everything to be nice and proper before mid September.

We will never stop 
improving and 
our clients about our mattresses.

We are not a brand, 

we are a platform merely to bring the very best components together.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing,
- Tilam King

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