Friday, 29 August 2014

ETA:12/9/14 Renovation works, website, major revamp... Business still going on. #NowComeGotSpecial:P

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, fellow supporters,

We are still in RENO mode, but we are still open and business is still as usual.

We are so thankful and grateful that our clients,

~ despite the bad Renovating environment,
~ despite the dustiness,
~ despite the restrictive walking path. 

Still believed in us and still willing to buy regardless...
Such a mess ya~ :P

To all those that made their purchase during our RENO period, we wish to say a big Thank You and thanks for all the tolerance, we deeply appreciate it.

This is more or less some updates of our place, we are 70% done, with all the major works like flooring and lights all finished.

We have back our tempt space to view our mattresses.

We will be placing our mattresses to the actually layout spots soon.

We will be zoning our mattresses out and also put more sitting areas for crowded days.

We know it is very physiologically unpleasing and disruptive, when it comes to picking up your mattress at this period of time.

But hey, on a bright note, if you can enjoy it even when the environment is so lousy, it can only say one thing. The PRODUCT SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS. :P

We still will continue to make good products, with the most recent ~ Linen Set.

During this period until we complete our showroom.

Every of our picture that is uploaded onto social media of your account, will be discounted on the products you buy.

This period we are willing to do more for our consumers as , for this period , everyone that even comes to witness our transformation will be deeply appreciated.

The dateline is 12/9/14. After that date we will be all ready and hopefully glamorous.

After my RENO works, I will blog about the cost that involves and how to DIY certain things so that you can save more money on RENO and make it beautiful.
Just some info, SPACE - 3,600sqft
Tons of headaches and heartaches, hopefully it all finish soon.

Our web layout still in BETA testing, hopefully all can finished soon.

Thanks once again for the support. #NowComeGotSpecial

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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