Tuesday 29 March 2016

5 BIG THINGS consumers MUST understand about mattress shopping.

Ever wonder why sometimes, shopping for mattresses are so complicated?

We have been using this product since our great grand parent days, why till today it is so complex?

How come no one bother to even break down the specs and talk about the product and how they make, yet they rather TM some kind of fancy name, when you Google the fancy terms, 
it is just what it is...

As we move towards the mattress displays, at the left hand corner, are some awesomely designed mojo, called BROCHURES. 
When you pick them up, 
- I then tell myself, I got to own this fine piece of ART!

Words from the brochures, if you simplify them into perspective, you will see that they are all the same. They will never reveal the kind of density they use for the product, neither will they describe to you about how they construct the product. 
They simply brag about the kind of history they have, which Hotel's they collaborated with, they even come to the point show you their brochure and brag about the kind of "technology" they have.
For EG,
Well simply put it, individual pocketed springs, been around for centuries...
You get my drift about brochures. 
"If you cannot convince them, confuse them" - one of the tricks Gurus in marketing use.
Nowadays who reads them? LOL

If you ever go to a few main stream boutiques, you will realize that they are all situated in great real estates, and to the point, their decor, so lavish and welcoming.
They are normally expensive psf rental real estates, but they have the best frontage and crowds will pass by. It may be convenient, it may look better, it may even make your ego feel awesome.
You can even brag about it :P 
"oie, I buy my mattress from orchut loot lei..."
"woa, he buy mattress from orchut loot lei, must be bery rich..."
Having said that, these are one of the most important factors when it comes to understanding business. Someone has to take care of their overhead, it was never free, and convenience and we all know style comes at a price.
Where did the focus at now? Product? or location?

Banner ads, poster babies, big all across buildings, buses, and specific in placing it in high traffic areas. You understand what we are trying to let you understand, all these are money, BIG MONEY, burned so that everyone that walks past it, will register it in their mind, maybe not directly, but subconsciously. Then again, who pays all these stuff... 
Erm, where was the focus again? Marketing? Product?

4. NIKE do not make shoes, they appoint people to do so.
This term is what we called subcontracting. Established brands never make products by themselves. They normally subcontract manufacturing out to manufacturers. The truth about mattress making is, it was never that complex to even start a mattress factory. The kind of skilled labour required now, is very low. It can be substantiated by high quality semi automated machineries.
The reason why this is possible, is simply because they manage their brands very well, hence they have enough margins to subcontract their "risk" out so they can focus on creating new designs.

But then again, mattresses, are designs necessary? 
The function of a mattress is and has always been to give comfort to the user.
How basic and simple it is to understand, yet so confusing to even try select.
Why not just use high quality components so that the mattress, because of the high quality components, is then deemed as a high quality mattress. PERIOD.

5. The number of models and house models will scare you.
You have been to mattress showrooms, a couple of them. You will notice that there are so many models on display under each brand. Have you ever witness this?
"eh, why I see the mattress at Courts, different from Robinsons? or local shops?"

The fundamental of house models, is to allow the respective shop to price their product without allowing the consumers to do comparison. 

In the eyes of the consumer, don't you think it is so weird?

Ask yourself these questions, 
"if I buy a branded mattress, should it be something where all the outlets have, and should it be a representation of what the brand is trying to sell?"
"they say until so good, but their mainstream models so expensive, but the house model so much cheaper?"

Don't you think it is a strategy to peck the price higher, so that the house model seems affordable? Hence because of the great name of the company, you purchase it, just because.

Where was the focus on the product? Where is the professionalism about product and technology? Whereby a particular model, should be the flagship, and why aren't you buy it? Instead looking at the price to buy something which doesn't represent the brand at all?

The concept of a house label and the multiple models, has got nothing to do with the representation of the brand, but only an excuse to confuse the consumer.


Having said so much, we hope you learn something new today.

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