Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tilam King, the only company that refuses to use traditional media and god bless the Internet.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

we had really come a long way...

We are going to have 300,000 views really soon...

Those that supported us, THANK YOU!
Those that helped shared the great products, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Ultimately, we try our best to use only social media to reach out as many as we can possible, to those that benefited, will enjoy the BEST possible product and the BEST possible value! 

These are basically my opinions about the industry and how to be a smarter mattress shopper for every fellow Singaporean ;)


Our concept ...
<5 mattress fit all> model 
is easy to understand and transparent.


We believe in respecting our consumers by being straight forward, 
hence the honest price point...


Our ultimate reliability test, done in our own style and fashion.


Probably our most popular post of all, that is everywhere in Google searches and probably the most read blog-post about mattresses in Singapore!

The Logic of mattresses, how to buy?


Our take on the Hotel Experience.
How to have 5 star Hotel Experience right in your bedroom?


A lot of effort was spent into the content and to put the perspectives from a consumer.
They are easy to understand and not with jargons which you cannot understand, and of cause with some of Singapore's humour.

We take pride and full credit what these content can bring us, for the good and bad.

We enjoy every smiles created educating consumers to get the most out of their mattress.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

* Just so you know, it is really not easy starting a company that actually use facts. We often get slammed by haters or competitors, the mattress industry is indeed filled with uneducated people and sales orientated sales people, which will say what it takes to close the deal, even destroying other people's image. We however for the educated people, now is the internet era, with transparency brands are just names. Manufacturers ultimately are manufacturers, whether or not we create good products, our components suppliers can substantiate for it's value. 
Manufacturers that eventually eliminate middle people, will cause some people to be unhappy, but to the clients, that is value for you there ;)
Just saying, 2cents.

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Telephone number: 6288 8666

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