Friday 21 April 2017

How to tell the difference between different mattresses? Based on looks and feel? Price?

This is a very difficult task when it comes into a traditional mattress shop, showcasing 20 brands, and over 300 models of mattresses.

Basically they all look like mattresses, some look more simple, some look more complex, but 1 thing surely that sets it apart, is the PRICE.

When you lay down on a simple one (which normally is thinner), it normally feels either very springy, or very firm, price wise, it always reasonably priced at $400 - 5600 depending on brands. As you can see the price range is huge. 
*****But the concept is that, the simpler the design, which normally is thinner, will be very springy, or firm.

Then you shift over to the medium thickness segment, the feel normally feels much more cushioned, hence more comfortable. They are normally priced between $1200 - $8000.
Medium thickness is normally the most popular, people then to buy this range of products because it is neither too firm nor comfy, good balance and also in a range of goods, this is the feel:price ratio which is comfortable for most.

Then now there is the Ultra Luxury segment, where everyone love and dream of owning...
This is the huge WANT segment.
Price range normally starts at $8000 - up to $100,000.
Who ever buys this will never know what they buy, they just do it because they can, and for bragging rights.

So now, we have identified this 3 tiers of Mattresses, and we know that the Ultra Luxury is really not important at all, so it brings down to 2 tiers, which is the basic and luxury range.

How does the term Basic come about?
We mentioned earlier that for the mattress to be springy or firm, the springs (core) will either be very soft or very firm. The core affects the mattress feel significantly because the top layer is thinner. This also means if the core is firmer, the mattress becomes firmer.

How does Luxury mattress differ?
When mattresses all look the same, how do people create a more comfortable mattress? All they do is to add thicker top layers. This is because springs give resistance, and comfort layers give comfort. Therefore, a more comfortable mattress will have more comfort layers on top of the springs.

But still why the huge price range?

Materials play a crucial role in any manufacturing process. There are good manufacturers, and there are those that just sell you a well packaged item that only look good. In this world today, because of competition, the situation forces certain people to do foolish things in order to make some money.

The best example is a usb/iphone charging cable, the box is normally more expensive then the cost of the goods, which is the cable that you need. But you are willing to pay up to $20 more because of a nicer box. The cable may look a little nicer, but the function is the same, it charges the phone and transfers data.

This is a problem even in the Mattress industry. There are way too many companies that do not even know how they get their goods done, where they source their components from, and the fundamental of their believes are wrong. In order to create a good product, you only need good materials. With-in the foam, springs, fabrics, latex, memory foam, etc, there are also quality differences.

Hence every company behind each component must be carefully selected to have an awesome product. If this is done so, the end product cost is way higher then an average one.

But here's the funny thing, in a business world, everyone shouts to say they have the best of everything, as a consumer it is so difficult to even understand what the company or the brand does.

This part is where I let you guys guess, trust your gut, there are too many people saying too many good things about themselves to a point it is almost pointless to even try to listen.

This article is specially created for all consumers to ask credible questions and it is very easy to see if the company respects mattresses or not. Most people end up buying stuff they do not know anyways, but to those that matters, I think the above is very informative for your mattress shopping.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King


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