Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tilam King gives back to All Saints Home, The Bathing Bed.

Tilam King realize the need to keep the creativeness aspect of the Mattress Industry alive
through Ngee Ann Polytechnic...

Tilam King have invested in one of our very bright poly student's creation.

The Bathing Bed ;)

Good for those that have problems with moving around and standing still.

So... everyone can lie down comfortably and have a great bath ;)

Cheers to that.

The Bathing Bed is then donated to All Saints Home.

Fantastic people, Fantastic Management, Fantastic volunteers, Fantastic living space.

Cheers to All Saints Home for being so willing to accept new ideas and adapt changes with new inventions and technology.

Chairman handling the appreciation plague to me ;)

Thanks for the appreciation plague given to me. It was well worth it. I thank you back for your efforts in making All Saints Home such a great success!

A picture to remember for the longest time!

I feel privileged and honored to have the chance to do something for All Saints Home's elderly people. 
I hope those that benefit from The Bathing Bed will enjoy it and bring joy to everyone!


- Tilam King

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