Friday, 12 April 2013

Tilam King will be closed from 13th - 19th April, for a stock take and restock.

Dear Valued supporters and customers/friends, and mattress hunters/shoppers! 

We will be reorganizing ourselves to suit you better.

Our stocks have been running low lately, and most of the products are going through some changes to improve from all our quality feedback our supporters and friends gave to us. We thank you for the time and effort!

Being the first person in Singapore whom Design and Built Mattresses for Singapore's Climate
I feel it is important to know and hear from fellow Singaporeans about their requirements.

Remember Brands care about their P&L and their margin... In fact, brands won't bother building something for Singapore cause they find it is such a small market, but hey, they are Brands, they are big enough to feel this way and it is not wrong. 

TILAM KING cares about how you sleep, only because you like it, that is why we will carry on.

TILAM KING will continue to produce great concepts that are SUITABLE for Singapore's warm climate. 

I am not saying I am good, but at least I know I am more responsible. When I start caring about mattresses, Brands will want to increase their competition level by doing the same and by doing so, EVERYONE benefits. So to me, maybe I get to help them OEM mattresses ;) 3 way Win situation here.

Being Genuine requires great Encouragement and support! 

Come support ! Like me on facebook :D or leave me comment just to say Hi ;)

Thanks everyone!
-Tilam King

For existing clients, please call 6744 1222 regards to your invoice.
on 19th April we will Open our shop at our regular timing 11am-8pm

sorry for the inconvenience 

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