Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing - Tilam King (Pre-order special)

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing

Only people in my industry knows that, the picture shows great superiority in Manufacturing standards.

Tilam King is the only Singaporean Manufacturer to be able to manufacture this kind of Product Standards as of 25/5/2013.

I have a few points to be let known- 

1. Tilam King is serious about Mattresses
2. Tilam King is passionate about Mattresses
3. Tilam King is the best for Mattresses

Able to do such standards is a privilege, and as so, we will price it right. We will not price it like those 3k - 5k price tags WHICH my product can fetch (if I can manage to get a brand to cooperate).

Tilam King's Luxury Series comes in 3 variants -

1. Mmmmm...
2. Shiok.....
3. PHOAAA....

Just kidding... :P

1. Basic Luxury
2. Luxury with the use of Memory Foam
3. Luxury with the use of Natural Latex

These 3 Luxuries will REDEFINE the mattress industry. 

From Appeal FactorComfort Levels and Price Point.

The first in Singapore to do Under $1,000 SGD Luxury Series Mattresses.


Tilam King wishes to transform and turn Mattress Shopping PAINLESS for consumers.

Stop all the nonsense!
Stop all the high priced products!
Make the industry even more competitive.

Only by being real, consumers can really benefit.

My Reasons are;
1. high priced items make consumers perceive that even if they are not sleeping on the right mattress, they will think they are because of the price tag.
2. Unprofessional sales people will be eliminated in the industry.
3. Mattresses companies with no knowledge of producing or keeping up with the trend will be eliminated. 
4. Consumers now want more technical knowledge, they can only get it from REAL Professionals that have manufacturing background.
5. Most of the mattresses in the industry, their prices DO NOT MAKE SENSE.


ETA 1 month.

For those that BELIEVE in me, can make a pre-order, 
Pre-Order is entitled to a $500 OFF JUST BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN ME.

10cm Thick PillowTop that contains Natural Latex
Individual Pocketed Springs
100% High Quality Natural Cotton Yarn Fabric
Tilam King's Super Cool New Embroidery Logo ;)

King Size - $1,788/-  - 500 = $1,288
Queen Size - $1,588/- - 500 = $1,088
*only offering 5 pieces for this trial period.


Please support! ;)

Also another message to Brands-

I am coming for you! Use me as your platform to produce great products, with your specs or mine.


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing - Tilam King


  1. Hi, will you be making luxury series for single beds in the future? I'm looking for a good new mattress. :) :)

    1. Hi dwagon, you could do preorder and I can do one for you ;)
      It is not feasible to stock premium goods as it is slow moving for Single and Super Single.

  2. Hi Boss, promo still available.? Regards, Azmi Zin

    1. hi Sir, this is for my pre-order special.

      These guys whom supported me, placed full payment without even seeing the product.

      Hence I have them a discount on the mutual trust.

      Now my product is available to view and test at my showroom.

      You will be impressed with what this price tag can do for you.

      I hope you go around to test and see first, you will be in for a treat. :)