Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Making of Tilam King's Luxury Series Pics...

The Making of Tilam King's Luxury Series

 Brother Dylan doing his thing!

Getting some Short Video shots.

Natural Latex Goodness...

The Beautiful

Full of Appeal ;)

I am proud of it. Period.

These are some of my Pictures of the shoot. There are more though...

I would like to shout out to:

1. Mr Tan San Soon
2. Darrel Teo
3. Alvin Loh
4. Cheryl Lim

Thank you for supporting me and recognizing my effort and passion to create AWESOME mattresses.

Being bold with this event have plenty of Ups and Downs... 
Being the first in the industry to do such a thing, the experience is great! Surely I have some people telling me off... surely... we are Singaporeans ;) come on...

But I take their words into a positive note and carried on with my event.

I am happy to say that I only have one more spot left, and is proud of what Tilam King have achieved.

Tilam King is officially a great brand that people recognize and truly appreciate.

Tilam King have done many things many other brands NEVER CAME NEAR OF...

1. Appearing on Google first page with the word search "mattress singapore"
2. Facebook likes is one of the highest! with 2180 as of today.
3. Blog views with almost 47,246 hits!
4. PROUD TO SAY THAT WE NEVER PAY FOR PUBLICITY specially those kind of lame awards that need to pay to get. TILAM KING GET OUR PUBLICITY THE TOUGH WAY.
5. We are able to pass on better deals then any Singaporean Alive. Apple to Apple comparison. 
6. We have OEM for a fellow Singaporean company.

We are passionate about mattresses, that is why we choose to offer you the best.

It is our choice to offer you the best, because we simply care about Mattresses more.

We believe ONLY in word of mouth. 
Tilam King is a company that is a Legacy in the making.
Our achievements and our efforts are put into the test. 
We let you to judge us.

Be gentle with us, as we are only human... Skeptical thoughts are welcomed, we have everything it takes to make you satisfied. Period.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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