Friday, 28 June 2013

Why Tilam King?

Tilam King is a mattress manufacturer that wish to make a difference.

Honestly, most Singaporeans are skeptical, including me.

Why are we skeptical? 
Because we hear that mattress retail outlets cheat people, 
they pressure you, 
they say anything to secure the deal, 
over promise and not deliver.

What if Tilam King understands the situation so perfectly and wants to make a difference?

Tilam King chooses to be nice, because we believe in Karma.

We are capable people, and we do not need to cheat people's money to survive in the mattress industry. 
Tilam King grew up in the mattress industry. My father have been in this industry way before I was born.

No one in Big companies, EVEN THE 3 Ss, grew up in the mattress industry, 

they probably selling some other stuff and then so happened there was a job interview and they got into the company.

So hence, to me, they are salaried workers doing what they do to survive. But being in the mattress industry, its more then that. 
My dad once told me, "selling a mattress is not a business, it is giving someone a blessing for 10 years because if you do not use your heart to help them select a SUITABLE mattress, they end up suffering, if they like it, for the next decade they will be happy."

Many of other retail outlets are run by sales people previously from some other brands. 
They have no attachment to the industry. 
All they know and think is the mattress industry is good money, hence they start, forgetting all the challenging challenges they need to face like rentals, logistics, storage.

On the news and on the web, people can see that mattress retail outlets open and close all the time. Sometimes they collect people's deposits and declare bankrupt, not delivering to customers at all.

In Singapore you only need $2 to start a company. A mattress on average sells for $1,500. 
Think before you place an order from someone substandard.

Tilam King have a paid up capital of $100,000. 
We own our supply chain - Factory, Warehousing, Retail outlets.

Simply put it, we lie or cheat you, we loose more because it's only $1,000 we dealing...

Be nice to us, trust me, we will be very nice to you.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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