Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tilam King representation of Luxury Mattresses, TK Series. (Complete)

During around this time last year, while Tilam King was still struggling to cover rent and overheads...

We have a dream...

A dream to make our own label, to let people understand more about mattresses...

to let people know that Luxury Mattresses are not expensive...

to let people afford Luxury Mattresses easily...

To let fellow Singaporeans sleep better without breaking the bank...

We came out with the idea of TK Series of Luxury Mattresses.

We named our very first Luxury Mattress to be TK Luxury Series.

We thought that the mattress should be made of only the highest quality spec wise.

Then again, as a logical builder mixing comfort layers is a waste of money and you only feel what is on the top.
Hence we went to search a 10cm thick Latex comfort layer to be on the top of our mattress.
We got this idea previously from a client of ours whom customized the mattress with 10cm Latex specification given to us.
To us, this is already a very Luxiousious

To symbolize the meaning of representation of a Luxury Mattress.

We did a never before launch of our product, the TK Luxury Series.

We let fellow Singaporeans just believe a fellow Singaporean on his word, to create a Luxury Mattress that will be comparable with the other big brands.

The PRE-Order was with strict rules;
1. Full Payment to be made.
2. No sample to see, feel or touch.
3. Sale based on trust.

They believed in us...

They knew that Tilam King was serious with what we had to offer...

Soon after TK Luxury Series was done, we knew we cannot let the Tempur fans disappointed.

We brought out our best memory foam component...

We kept our minds cracking

Tested several different components put together.

Then when we finalized...


Soon after...

To complete the whole Series...

There are some whom doesn't want a Latex nor a Memory foam mattress, would prefer a more conventional approach.

TK DELUXE SERIES was created through a rational that some people just like mattresses that are soft.

Everything in this mattress is about creating a soft touch feel.

The Individual Pocketed Springs are specially ordered for the Deluxe Series.

The final outcome is sheer Luxury for those that like Soft yet comfy mattresses.

To me, any softer would be a problem because there will not be much support left...


With the introduction of the TK Series...

We hope that Singaporeans start to understand more about mattresses better.

High Quality mattresses do not necessary be expensive.

High quality components is key to a good mattress, not the brand.

There is ZERO technology in a mattress, other then how it feels.

Wise up and save your $.

Do more charity instead.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

As I mentioned do more charity, this was what happened some time last week.


Many of the volunteers were shocked about the mattress we gave.

I said, "As a young Singaporean, I have my utmost respect for every elder. These people needs care and the reason why they need our help is because they are not as fortunate as the rest. Hence we need to treat them like equals and not make them feel worst. I gave them a mattress that even I myself will sleep on, only this people will sleep well and feel better every morning."


Just a personal take on some corporations and companies thinking that because they give 1000 pieces of mattress, they think they helped people. There was this company a BIG company, called us to ask for a mattress for $30, and say is for charity. I immediately scold the crap out of that guy.

I said, I will pay your CEO to sleep on this $30 mattress for $1000 one night. (It was a global company, CEO earning tens of millions every year)

sorry for blabing so much... I just feel for the people around me. They won't need you if they can afford it... is because they need us, so just treat them better.

Make love, not war. Spread the love.

Tilam King


  1. hi. I went to Mattress Centre to try out some mattress and they have promotion of buy 1 get 1 free.. what is the difference between tilam king and mattress centre?

    1. Hi, well thanks, that is my parents business. They are strong at doing the mid low markets, and are leaders in this segment. They are a SuperMarket for multiple brands.

      For Tilam King, is more for people whom wishes to own the Ss or high end mattresses but do not wish to pay the price tag.
      Tilam King is a company hoping to make TK as the only and most prestigious Luxury Brand that represents Singapore.

      We have very different approach in our mattresses..

      Non the less either places you can get decent mattresses, and we pride ourselves with our mattresses for sure.

      Tilam King

  2. Hi Bro, we need more people like you. Thanks for doing charity and making sure you make their life better. My company made it a point to do pro bono websites for charity org and reduced rates for start ups every quarter.

    Cheers for a better world!

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