Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The undisputed Negative Ion Healthy Pillow TESTED and PROVEN though science, NOT MARKETING. Substance over all BS.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not too long ago, Tilam King made history in ADVERTISING. 

We are the first whom came out with Pillow Advertising as a concept in Singapore.
We are the first to translate it into practice in Singapore.

We have contacted the best to do the best for my clients.

They requested for Negative Ion to be in the Pillows, we promised them.

And we delivered.


hehehe, yea the printer got the better of me :) oh well, I had a great time making jokes about it saying that "pillew" is french :P whauahuahuahauhau

the device on the pillow with a reading of -277 which is very awesome!

This is my other pillow used to show contrast in the results as comparison. 

This device is bought online from a local Singapore distributor called GMM.

The point is, what is a catalog when you have live pictures of me testing it with a scientific device made to measure the presence of Negative Ions? 

So there you have it.

The REAL Deal.

No Marketing Jargons,
No Nonsense,
What you see is what you get, minus the person ;)


The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

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