Tuesday, 14 August 2012

TILAM KING at a glance... We don't only produce products, We dare to do things where others dare not!

The kind of detail that we are into are far away from the norm...
We Dare to be different, the way we look, and be the best in the way we feel.

We may look different... but we feel better :)

Ultra Plush 6cm cool foam!
Ultra Breathable edges for maximum Ventilation.

Tight Top with the cool factor.
Ultra Breathable edges for maximum Ventilation.
(To look and feel cool all day long!)

My personal favorite, Maroon color.
I find this a perfect example of how a mattress should look like.
Cool color, cool foam, Ultra Breathable edges...
Unbelievably cool!

Super Plush DUAL sided PillowTop
With Ultra Breathable edges!

Elegant & Classy with Cool touch Memory Foam.
of cause, it is also with Ultra Breathable edges.
so its, Elegant & Classy & Cool ;) always!

Imagine A Mattress that breathes not only from the Edges... but everywhere ;)
We have it... and it is awesomely cool! 

When you do a product, it has to be in sync with the stuff it is around with.
I think it's just pure synergy...

PillowTop with Belgium fabric ticking.

Probably the coolest mattress yet... be it design... be it temperature. ;)

The different sides of perspective, that no one dares to go to. But I dare, so you will remember me as the "Green Mattress" ;) 
Hopefully people remembers the "GREEN MATTRESS" ;)

Has negative Ions + anti-odor effect.

Redefining Simplicity.

Simple meets lines.

Brick and motar? These are just some of my favorite designs. Really classic, Really good looking.

Lines and wave on my TRUE 5-ZONE mattress, thicker lines show the indicative 5 different Zones.

Again dual design for indication of the TRUE 5-ZONE spring system! Pre-Patented!  

Pocketed Spring Pillows
Unique concept with longevity and awesome tension for your pillows!

Pure Silky smooth Luxury...
Forget about feathers... FACT about feathers, it traps SMELL :) imagine those hotels with 365 different guest in a year, you got 365 different smell ;)

Remember pillows have short lifespan be it, synthetic or Feathers...

If you change often why use feathers when Silk Fibers are the way to go for LUXURY!

You hug it once, you'll want it forever.
Try it, I'll try to stop you! ;)


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