Sunday, 12 August 2012

TILAM KING story begins... (I FORGOT TO HIRE A CAMERA MAN!@#$#$@#%^#$)

On the day of the celebration, everything went superbly well... but... 
I forgot to hire a camera man LOL!

Those that came you know who you are!!! Please do forgive me! 

so here are some of the pictures... ;)


2 SIR... WHUAAA!!!

VU classmates ;) only they understand what TILAM KING is about.
We did a whole case study on the concept ;) 
Cheers to that!
From my thesis, to reality! TILAM KING is a living dream!

Lovebirds that are not only kind, but we share the same vision of many things...
Being great doesn't mean you are rich, 
being great means you dare to take up challenges where others dare not!
TILAM KING is proud to take up the challenge of...
Making people understand more about mattresses so they no longer get CONFUSED anymore.
Know why brands are expensive, because they spend TONS of money on advertisement.
Why some are of great value because they use sub-standard components.

TILAM KING is the only place in Singapore to let you have both good quality and of great value.
(WHO EVER SEES THIS, and is skeptical about it, please instigate a challenge.)

THE CHUBBY BABY ;) soon to be my ambassador of my product.
So proud to say that many of my friends make babies on my mattresses ;)
Sounds weird, but to me, it's simply magical!

Great buddies of car porn. They brought me to the other side to appreciate the better side of life!

All the generous and lovely gifts!
Thanks everyone!


My Official Shop Signage! 


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