Friday, 31 August 2012

Been a super week, but nonetheless the $399 promotion IS STILL ON!

Okay guys now this will be a little different.

Many people have the privilege of purchasing from us, and we are proud to say.

WE DELIVERED what we stated, as our key direction is to be the most genuine mattress manufacturer in Singapore!

This promotion now will still be the same lovely price of $399 only.

We hope to sell to someone whom really needs a good quality mattress, rather then to take advantage of our good price.

We hope to reach out to those that really need a good mattress. 

Because heart talk, honestly there are a huge bunch of people whom have not have the privilege of changing their mattresses for a long time already.

and in this REAL world, there are lots of "sharks" in Singapore, where they only look at material instead of emotional aspect.

I honestly feel very much for the people whom work very hard to just cover up their monthly credits, basically leading a rat race.

This promotion will only be for specific targeted audience.

We hope if you have money, give back to the society, but even when you do not have, do think of us as we will allow you to enjoy the same privilege to change your old dirty mattress away so you could sleep better, feel better and work harder :P
Remember we are not selling a Pocketed Spring Mattress Queen Size because it is only worth so little.
We are telling you that we will not sell to those that do not deem suitable for us to sell to.

Trust me, there are several people whom I rejected even though they wish to buy from me.

I told them to go else where cause, you got the money, just spend it elsewhere, TILAM KING is for people whom believe in change. If you think by paying the BRANDS, something good will change? go ahead.

I'm telling you, TILAM KING will make a change to the mattress industry.

Slowly step by step, I know it will happen.


Promotions Currently.

Lady Americana Viscotex (Memory Foam Mattress) 18cm HT
Single - $419
Super Single - $498
King - $999

Lady Americana Viscotex 23cm HT
Queen - $899

Tilam King 5-Zone Mattress (A PROUD SINGAPOREAN PRODUCT)
Single from $259.
Super Single from $399
Queen from $699
King from $899

Storage beds
Queen size 1 display clearance sale~ $599

Basically do drop by to check out our humble place. It is not as extravagant like those in big malls...
simply because we do not price like them ;)
only the Smart and Savy understands ;)

Please note that we are at:
8 New Industrial Road
#01-01 S 536200
Tel: 6288 8666

Support us please! Great Promotions need great encouragement.

even if you do not wish to buy, I also hope that you could pay us a visit. 

We hope to see you soon! ;)


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