Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Dream busted for the Ultimate bottom line.

Dear fellow Supporters and fellow Singaporeans,

You know like every kid/child/guy/person in the world...

We have a dream... 

Sometimes to dream really big...

Then I got hungry...

I thought to myself, what if, I appeared in shopping malls, will more people get to choose me? or will more people get to support me?

Well, No... The whole concept is wrong.

Honestly, it is seriously so expensive...

I was honored and lucky to have a world renown company invite me to join their merchant space in a shopping mall.

I was very excited and very happy that the location is PERFECT, HIGH TRAFFIC FLOW, BESIDE GOOD ANCHOR TENANTS.

I was super happy, I was blown away, I was ecstatic...

I never believe that I could have such luck or even imagine come close to making this real.

So I starting to dream...

Then I went to my mentor to speak with him, just because I was a bit lost... Too much positive thoughts inside my mind, needed someone to put me back on a right track.

After all the realistic approach, this is what I complied...

3 years - 450k rent (fixed cost)
3 years - 108k labour (fixed cost)
3years - 72k salary (fixed cost)
3 years - 36k mise (fixed cost)
Total - 666k (fixed cost for 3 years)

666/3 = 222k
222k/12 = 18.5k
18,500/30 = $617/day

All this costing for a 444.23sqft space...

To put 3 mattress: 
1 queen TK Luxury Series, 
1 queen TK Premiere Series, 
1 queen TK Deluxe Series

The rest will be pillows and mattress protector.

How much I needed to sell in order to cover all this overheads?

Really... OMG

and keeping my price reasonable was KEY, this is the reason why people choose Tilam King.

This is the reason why we dominate...

Because we can produce World Class Mattresses @ ridiculous prices...

We challenge the world with our prices. We can win.

We own our own factory and shop space and warehouse and lorries and staff and everything...

Now... this dream... HAVE TO BE BUSTED...

In order to create the ULTIMATE BOTTOM LINE.
We simply make better mattresses at best possible value.

I thought about it...

I know it hurts...

and I am still gonna stay true to what Tilam King is all about.

It sucks to have so many great things lay out for you, you just got to turn them away, 
just to stay true...

Stay focused...

We believe this incident is a great example of how passionate we are about mattresses, and staying true to our vision and mission.

We do not wish to sell you mattresses that are $100,000
We do not wish to sell you mattress that are $10,000
We do not even wish to sell you mattresses that are $2,000

We do it way below your expectations,


We truly are passionate about making the best, for the greatest value.

I wish to highlight our vision and mission again:

Our Vision:
To allow all Singaporeans afford really good QUALITY mattresses at the best VALUE!

Our Mission:
To let our consumers CLEARLY understand what mattress is all about and how it is made, so they can have a better knowledge for their mattress selection.

We deserve to be respected for turning down such an offer.

The Perfection of Passionate Manufacturing
- Tilam King

To let you know we were serious about our expansion, we show you a glimpse of what we had gone though...

Well, since we have it all planned if there is someone whom wishes to invest in us, hehe we can talk ;)

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